Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Fitness Tracker Launched in India

Aren’t you all very familiar with the word “Samsung”? Samsung is one of those companies which has become very famous and is most importantly a brand from India itself. There are a lot of us who use the products made by Samsung. If we talk about their products then we can say that the products they make are really very good and it does satisfy the need of the customers also. Thinking much about their customers they came out with another product which is much in trend nowadays.

Well, we are nowadays very much concerned about our fitness and health. And hence having a fitness device that tracks your every single movement with respect to your fitness is really something very important and everyone needs that even. So, after thinking so much, Samsung also came out with a fitness device that would help the customers track their record in your everyday life. Hence, Samsung launched its first fitness tracker and named it Galaxy Fit2.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

This fitness tracker has got a very slim design and also is much lightweight. This fitness tracker has got many advanced features just like other fitness trackers you get to have in the market. This fitness tracker by Samsung has also got very long-lasting battery life. As said by the Company, this fitness tracker will be available in two colors for the customers which are black and scarlet. And these two color options would be available for the customers from the 16th of October. 

Coming to different features of the fitness tracker. The fitness tracker by Samsung has got to have a bright 1.1-inch AMOLED display of 450 nits. If we take a short look at the appearance of the wearable then we may say that the 3D glass and the 70 download feature make the watch to face to the personalize and gives a tempting look to the appearance of the wearable also. You also get to have easy navigation with the use of UI that easily allows you to preset starting right from replies to notifications and also helps in setting up twelve different widgets at the very same time.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Features

While we take a look at the front keys of the wearable then we get to see that, the front touch key of the wearable helps in setting alarm for wake up. The strap provided by Samsung helps in keeping your sweat away which is generated while you are doing your regular exercises or any other fitness-related work. The weight of the watch is really very less, around twenty-one grams and because of the compact design that Samsung has provided their customers with, makes you comfortable to keep it wearing throughout the day without having any problem.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Colors

As claimed by the company, the battery life that the tracker has can enable you to use it for 15 days continuously on single battery life and even that can extend up to 21days. This deal is the feature by which Samsung is one of the best.  Many customers think a lot about the water-resistance feature of such a product. Hence Samsung has also taken care of if it. If you want to wear it while you are in the pool then you easily wear it as Samsung Galaxy Fit2 has got to have 50-meter water resistance property and the water lock feature which is given in it helps you to protect the wearable while in water. This device is much capable of tracking up to five workouts that you do on a daily basis. 

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