Save Images From Gmail to Google Photos Using New Button

A company that started from a backyard garage but now it is the biggest tech company in the world. We are talking about Google. The company which has changed the perspective of human towards the internet. Primarily, Google has started as a search engine on the internet, and users were only allowed to search for pictures on google. Now the software and the tech giant have marked its presence in a multitude of products and services. Google products and services include an open-source operating system, Google smart devices, Google smartphone, and Data services. Although, Google has entered into multiple product development and manufacturing businesses its primary source of revenue is still Google Search engine. Google has introduced multiple internet-based products and services; these services have bought a drastic development in the working maneuver of humans.

Some of the influential and revolutionary products and services provided by google are Gmail, YouTube, google maps, google photos. These internet-based services make our life easy and work easier. Google products and services are used all over the world. easy to use and no maintenance cost have made these services widely accepted all around the world. These services are available on a variety of devices like smartphones, windows OS, tablets, and IOS-based devices. Google photos and Gmail are the most used product of google. Almost all smartphone users of the world have these two apps on their smartphones. with just one click, a user can send an email or check his/her email. With Google Photos, users also have options to save their photos and media files on cloud storage provided by Google.

Gmail to Google Photos Image Save

Although, cloud storage provided by Google in Google Photos is limited. A user will only have 15GB of free storage on Google storage to store his/her files on it. Users will have to pay a subscription amount (Monthly or yearly plan) to get extra storage on Google Photos. A new feature has been introduced by Goole in its product Gmail. This new feature will allow the user to directly save any attachment or media files to Google photos without any inconvenience. In the attachment, users will now see the option “save to photos”. Although there are some limitations of this feature, users can only save the “JPEG” format of pictures to their google Photos directly from their Gmail. We can hope that Google will soon provide an update to the new feature so that more formats of media files can be saved on google photos.

The introduction of this new feature seems promising and it will be helpful for a lot of people. In the year 2019 google has removed the synchronization between Google Photos and Google cloud storage service “Google Drive”. Earlier users have the option to save the media file to their drive directly from Gmail with a synchronization option. But later on, this feature was removed owing to its privacy and security vulnerability. The new feature of Gmail has been introduced by Google in a notification. We already know how this feature works. Users won’t have to imply much effort to use this feature. It is quite easy; a user will have to click on the received email and check for the media attachment (For now it only supports the JPEG file saving option). On the attachment, the user can see an extra option “Save to photos” option.

Save Images From Gmail to Google Photos Using New Button

Although this option was available till 2019 when a user could have the option to save a file directly to his/her drive. Only the name has been changed to “save to photos”. In short, Google has reintroduced its previous feature again for the continence of its customers. The new feature will cut short the hectic burden of a user, now a user can save an attachment of email to Google Photos with just one click. However, as we know that the new feature of Gmail has certain limitations like users can save only a single format of picture (JPEG) in his/her drive. For other formats of attachment, users will have to download the attachment first then they can save that downloaded attachment to their drive. The feature is only limited to a certain file format. Users won’t require to activate or switch on any mode to use this new feature by Google.

Google’s new feature to save an attachment of Gmail to Google Photos is active by default. The user will only need to click on the “Save to photos” button to save the jpeg file to his/her cloud storage. If a user faces any kind of inconvenience or trouble while using this feature, then he/she can go to the “Google support page” for more information and instruction to use this feature properly.bGoogle has been working out to provide this feature to people from all around the world. Although, beta users have started getting this update and they can use this feature. A lot of users in the former domain have revived the update of this feature from May 26. Later domain users will have to keep patience for a while and they will have to wait for a week or a Fortnite to receive the update. In a new revelation, Google has said that all the users will get this new feature update within Fortnite.

Save To Photos Button

Owing to huge rush and complication in the new update, it can take more than a week for stable introduction of Google’s new feature. There are a huge number of users of Google’s products and services. Developers are working hard to provide the new feature as sharp as possible. A spokesperson of Google has said in a statement that Google’s new feature to save an image attachment directly to Google Photos will be availed to use for all kinds of customers. Workplace users, as well as business users, can also use this service. The “Save to photos” option will also be accessible by G Suite users – the users who have a personal account on Gmail. In, short it will be accessible for every customer of google within a week or two. The best thing about this future that there will be no admin control over it. It will be a basic addition of an option in Gmail to directly transfer a file from Gmail to a storage drive.

Google won’t charge any amount to enable this feature. Any user who is using Google products and services can have total access to access and use this feature in his/her Gmail free of cost. The new feature of Gmail to directly download any pictures or medial file to Google photos is a promising move by Google. With this feature, users won’t need to follow lengthy procedures to save a file to Google photos. Earlier users had to download a particular attachment from email then they could save that media attachment to their drive. Now, with the new update in Gmail, it will be really easy for a user to save a file directly to their cloud storage. Google’s new update in Gmail to directly save a photo to “google photos” will be really beneficial for a lot of users.

Gmail to Google Photos

Google is inclined towards bringing innovation to its services. That is the reason behind the proliferation of this tech company in a very short company. As for now, Google has a strong customer base and the largest market cap in the whole world. Google’s current CEO Sundar Pichai has played a key role in the innovation and development of Google’s products and services. Proper Management and Better conception towards research and development of Google’s products and services is the primary reason behind this tech company’s productive growth over time. Furthermore, a company walks without any contrivances because of its productive employees and an acknowledgeable leader.

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