Scientists Has Collected The First Possible Radio Signal From An Exoplanet System About 51 Light-Years Away

An international team of scientists has collected the first possible radio signal from Earth beyond the solar system and left the extraterrestrial system about 51 light-years away. The researchers used the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) of the Dutch Radio Telescope to host the so-called hot Jupiter from the Tau Bootes star system, a huge planet very close to the sun.

The team, led by researchers at Cornell University in the United States, also monitored candidates for star launches in the Cancer and Upsilon Andromedae constellations.

However, a study published in the journal Astronomy and Astronomy Physics found that only the Tao Bots extraterrestrial system showed an important radio signature, a unique latent window in the Earth’s magnetic field. Jake D Turner, a Cornell postdoctoral researcher, said: “We have come up with one of the first predictions for the discovery of an extraterrestrial in the radio industry. “The signal comes from the Tau Bootes system, which has a binary star system and an extraterrestrial system. “We will launch the plan on a global scale,” he said.

If proven by tracking, the researchers said, the radio discovery would open a new window on the extraterrestrial and provide a new way to explore the outside world, which is decades away from light. Observing the magnetic field of the extraterrestrial helps astronomers decipher the inner and atmospheric properties of the Earth, as well as the physics of interactions with stars, Turner said.

The Earth’s magnetic field protects it from the dangers of solar winds and ensures the survival of the Earth. “Magnetic fields of extraterrestrial planets like Earth can protect their atmosphere from sunshine and cosmic rays, protect the Earth from atmospheric destruction, and contribute to their living environment,” Turner said.

Two years ago, Turner and his co-workers checked Jupiter’s radio launch signature to reduce the emissions by mimicking the signatures of aliens like Jupiter. These results have become a model for searching for radio emissions from distant planets 40 ~ 100 light-years away.

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