After Recalculate By Scientist Said That Asteroid Apophis Is likely To Collide With Our World In The Year 2068

After its discovery in 2004, the smallest Asteroid on Earth, Apopis, was notable, as preliminary calculations of its orbit showed that it was 2.7% more likely to collide with Earth during a close flight in 2029. , Now it looks like Apophis will hit our world in 2068.

A group of scientists at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, USA, have conducted a new study to confirm the phenomenon that was previously left behind and calculated the possibility of a small planetary apoptosis colliding with Earth. The re-evaluation shows that there is a small chance of an impact, around 1.5 million.

This possibility is due to the acceleration of Yorkovsky, which is a small continuous push from the sunlight. This happens when the sun warms small planets evenly, resulting in asymmetrical radiation of thermal energy from the cosmic rock. This, in turn, causes a slight change in the orbit of the small planet.

Since the effects of Yarkovsky’s acceleration on the apostrophe have not been calculated before, scientists have not considered a change in the orbit facing a giant small planet.

A recent study showed that the small planet is 557 miles away from its predicted orbit every year. At a press conference, Editor-in-Chief David Tolen said, “The influential situation in 2068 is still playing,” and stressed that the opportunity to influence cannot be ruled out at this time.

The Asteroid 99942 Apophis measures more than 1,000 feet in size, which is equivalent to three football fields, and is expected to pass on April 13, 2029, 31,900 kilometers from Earth. Very close to our planet.

Apopis, who lives in a state of sensitivity, is named after a demon snake that depicts evil and chaos in ancient Egyptian mythology. He is considered the enemy of the sun god Ra.

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