Shilpa Shetty’s Husband Raj Kundra Arrested: Full Case Details

    Shilpa Shetty’s husband, who has always been a huge part of controversial debates, is always targeted by liberals and has been quite popular in the IPL betting industries about his most recent controversy, has been arrested by the Mumbai police. The reason for the arrest is something that would throw a lot of dirt on his wife and himself as Shilpa always portrays herself as to be the epitome of nationality with patriotic feelings and someone who withholds the traditions of India by practising and teaching yoga amongst other things. The man has been arrested for producing porn videos and streaming them on apps. When we talk about a stigma that has been around for centuries and is as old as time itself and yet we feel ashamed to talk about the same, we are referring to porn.

    Porn is something that is being consumed almost every day by billions of people and yet it has been victimized to be something that is bad for your health and makes you an addict. Truly, it is possible in the latter part but there are many health benefits of watching porn and it’s like a sea of knowledge for the bedroom world. Yet it has been stigmatized so much. As far as talking about these things, it can be said that it would be okay to express ourselves regarding the same as a part of education. But, we can’t just talk randomly about the same. These restrictions are placed by either religious beliefs or moral ethics that you shouldn’t express your innate desires in the public. Whether you produce, work or watch porn, it should be done very intimately and in secrecy so that it doesn’t hurt the feelings of pure and innocent people.

    Shilpa Shetty's Husband Raj Kundra Arrested

    This goes on and it was legalized everywhere until 2015. After 2015, many lawyers revolted against the consumption of porn and decided to get it banned in India. As far as the Indian government goes, there were around 4 crore websites that dealt with porn at that time. Just imagine the number of users and people who watched porn every day on these 4 crore websites. The population of India was around 100 crore back then and the user views were around 100 per website. That makes around 400 crore visits per day. Insane amounts right? And yet we stigmatized the topic so much that it is always hushed. Anyways, this happened and the lawyers came together to file a complaint regarding these websites. The websites were instantly banned and were restricted on the Indian internet.

    Apart from child pornography, even adult pornography was banned and many revolted against the adult pornography ban but it was of course not taken back. It was then unanimously decided by the producers that the websites would change and the videos were back online. To tackle these, the government started banning websites that were being reported. As for those which were not, these were well functioning even after the ban. It is said that you can stop people from doing something, you can restrict them from certain acts but you don’t know what happens when they are alone or what they think about. Thus, the rise of porn went up and it made headlines again. Some years later, the highest court in India, the supreme court, decided to take this matter into their hands. They issued a statement that said that anything disrespectful like these should not exist in society.

    Raj Kundra Case

    There should not be any publicity regarding this matter and it is okay if one does watch this in privacy. Don’t you feel this is too much for the land that invented the Kamasutra? We don’t mean to advocate such a practice but our past says the same thing. Just some months ago, even SIM card companies such as Jio, VI, Airtel and other such companies decided to ban child pornography and even adult pornography on their network stating that it is against the traditions of India and it is morally incorrect for people to consume porn. Regardless of this, the government decided to ban it completely and anyone found watching would be jailed. But read the lines carefully. It is still regarded as anyone found watching. Not anyone who has.

    So, we still don’t know what’s going on in the private spheres of an individual in India, but the matter was hushed-hushed and everything was calmed down. If we talk about the severity of this ban, you can find the same in U.P where you would be jailed if your search history reveals porn searches or anything related to that. There were even news reports of people being dragged from their homes in the case of being found guilty of watching porn. These people were jailed. Talking about the man in the picture here, Raj Kundra who is a quite successful businessman and the husband of the mega-star Shilpa Shetty has been arrested by the Mumbai police on Monday regarding this case. The police have stated to the husband of Miss Shetty Kundra that he was the key conspirator in a serious case.

    Raj Kundra Arrested

    The case that has been applied to the business is that he has been a producer and promoter for porn videos where he would make them and stream them online. The businessman would release them on some apps online, and this has been confirmed by a senior police official. Kundra, who is 45 years of age, has always been involved in some of the other conspiracies and we still don’t know what lies beneath this man. He has been arrested under section 67 maybe for his act under all the relevant sections of the Indian penal code and the information technology act. The crime branch arrested the man on Monday and he has been kept there since then. There have been no reports about the same on either his or his wife’s Twitter account or any other social media account, regarding this matter.

    The case didn’t just materialize from thin air that they decided to arrest the man in question. It is said that the case was already registered way back in February. The case depicted that there was someone high up who was making porn videos and streaming them online via some apps. The case was registered because of the apps that were found to contain contents like these. The search and the hunt for the criminal went on and it was found out to be the infamous businessman of the famous actress. He was arrested on 19/07/2021 which would be called a black day for the Kundra family. Raj Kundra is said to be the key conspirator in this case and everything is said to lead to him being behind all the videos and productions. The videos were being released on some app where it was publicly available.

    Raj Kundra Full Case Details

    Since Mr Kundra is such a highly respectable celebrity, there were many questions regarding what the motive of the police personnel was and whether it was a political move by the ruling party against the central party as Mr Kundra is said to be a staunch supporter of the central regime. However, the police officers have denied this claim saying that they have so many pieces of evidence regarding the same that it would be practically impossible for him to escape their clutches no matter how many connections the businessman has. The most surprising part of this is that the case was registered at first on 4th February. Remember what we said about the case starting from February itself? That’s right, our sources have confirmed that it wasn’t just streaming and making porn videos but something more sinister was going on in the businessman’s backyard.

    The case was filed by a woman, who filed an FIR stating that she has been deceived by a certain company. On inspection, the police found out that the woman had been cheated by the man in question. Owners and producers would lure girls in and would tell them that they are actually filming a web series and it is nothing severe and it would be over. But, as the part went on, they were forced into doing porn videos. This was very unethical and the whole process was based on deception. This was the basis on which he was arrested. Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty haven’t given a simple comment on the same thing. They were online and regularly tweeted just two three days ago and are simply off since the arrest. The businessman has denied all claims and has stated that he is completely innocent.

    Raj Kundra App

    He has also gotten himself a lawyer and has stated that he would not be a part of anything like that and would apply for anticipatory bail. Meanwhile, our sources have confirmed that the police have evidence that Raj Kundra has a friend that works as a producer and director in porn films and was working with him via WhatsApp. The two men would share their projects every day on WhatsApp and from the UK, the videos would be released online. We believe in the judicial system and we hope that it would work just fine for him and his family. Whatever the truth might be, justice should be served.

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