Shreyas Iyer Reprieved After Bails Fail to Dislodge

    The ball hit the wicket, the lights on the bell, and the wicket also flashed, but the bell didn’t dislodge. Shreyas Iyer’s luck is with him in India vs Bangladesh Test, it was proved in the 83rd over. Ibadat Hossain’s ball hit the stumps but the bell did not dislodge. The umpire did not give out. But the controversy remains over that drama.

    Illuminated bells are being used in India vs Bangladesh Tests. One bel was broken and was changed in the 83r over. In that over, Ibadat’s ball hit the wicket. Shreyas was batting, Ibadat had a wide smile on his face as the ball hit the wicket.

    But it didn’t last long because, the light of the bell was glowing, but it did not fall to the ground, so the umpire did not give out. This time a smile is seen on Shreya’s face. He was accompanied by Cheteshwar Pujara. They brought India back into the match with a 149-run stand.

    According to the ICC rules, the ball will be given out only if the bells completely dislodge from the wicket. A batsman is bowled when at least one bell is completely dislodged from the wicket or any wicket has lifted off the ground. Shreyas was not out as there was nothing happened in this case.

    But there is a question about the light of the bell that bells used in cricket, light up only when it is completely dislodged from the wicket. In the Chittagong Test, the light of the bell was glowing in that incident.

    In this context, former cricketer Arun Lal said, “If the ball comes back on the stumps, it is never out. While fielding at slip, I saw the ball hit the stumps and the bell went up and sat down again. In that case, it is never out. Shreyas is not out as Bell returns to the spot even with the lights on”.

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