Shuvendu or Sourabh? Who is The Chief Minister-Face of BJP? Said Amit Shah

    ‘Don’t think about who will be the chief minister. Our goal is to build a sonar Bangla and an absolutely glorious India. ‘ Amit Shah’s clear message to the party workers in the meeting on Friday. But the speculation of various names inside the politically informed quarters. However, two names are coming up from this list. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, Transport Minister Shuvendu Adhikari.

    suvendu sourav amit shah

    The question was put directly to the Union Home Minister. At the end of the two-day west bangle camp-tour, Amit Shah said, why are you saying two names, the list is very long. I am talking to many people regularly.

    After that, Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendushekhar Roy retaliated in a press conference from Trinamool Bhaban. He said in a sarcastic tone, ‘Winning the 2021 vote is a fantasy! Then maybe he will decide who will be the chief minister by tossing.

    Assembly votes in Bengal as the year goes on. As soon as the festive season ends, the BJP will start preparations. Amit Shah gave his direction from the organizational meeting on Friday. Sources claim, Amit Shah said today, the CAA should be jumped on. The BJP does what it promises.

    Who is the face of BJP in the state assembly vote? There are various speculations about it in different quarters. Sources claimed that in this context, Amit Shah gave a message to the party workers in the meeting on Friday, do not think about who will be the Chief Minister. Our goal is to build a golden Bengal and a paramount India.

    amit shah

    Amit Shah emphasized on the booth-based program in preparation for the Assembly polls. Sources claimed that at the organizational meeting, he said, emphasis should be laid on booths. The various fronts of the BJP will have to take assembly-based programs. In turn, the program should be kept in different blocks.

    The Union Home Minister also directed to keep the door open for skilled organizers from other parties to strengthen the party. Sources claim, he said, those who want to come from CPM-Congress-Trinamool should understand the vote and bring it.

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