Microsoft Flight Simulator: You can now sign up to test Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR

Microsoft’s new flight simulator is a stunning animal in the PC game, and we can only imagine how deep it will sink into VR – but you may not think much longer, as because Microsoft has just opened signups (via Eurogamer) for a closed beta of the virtual reality experience.

There are a few requirements if you want to think about it. Not only do you own the game, you have to have a Windows mixed reality headset, the registered Microsoft flight simulator is “internal” and you not only have to sign the NDA, but you also need a smaller beef computer than the main game with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. Or better 8GB VRAM, as well as 16GB of memory.

And, you have to prove that your computer is qualified by submitting DxDiag (press the Windows start button, enter “dxdiag”, and press Enter), so Microsoft can confirm these tables and access your system’s BSODs or other non-core systems. Error.

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Interestingly, you don’t need the HP Reverb G2, and Microsoft is actually the first headset to get debuted in this game for the first time. Any Windows hybrid reality headset will definitely start, which should be tidy for those who have gained in-depth discounts on projects such as Lenovo Explorer and Samsung Odyssey over the past few years.

The company has not said when the closed-door trial will begin, but it has previously promised a free VR update this fall, so it may not be long. If you have an Oculus, HTC, or other VR headset, there will be a second closed-loop test for other devices as well.

It’s no surprise that Microsoft wants to be wary of VR releases, as the game initially tended to eat powerful gaming computers at lunch. Even our Nvidia RTX 3080 doesn’t even get enough of it to be completely bored because it doesn’t match it with a full CPU. That said, we’ve seen some improvements in recent updates, so VR may not be a huge stretch this holiday season. Maybe it will give you more time to find a flight stick.

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