“Social Economic Crisis Starting In France” Said Jean Castex

    Last Friday, Jean Castex was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of France by replacing Edouard Philippe. Shortly after taking the oath of office, the main challenge for the new Prime Minister of France is to restore the stagnant economy and make social progress.

    The global Corona virus epidemic has devastated some of the world’s fastest-growing countries financially and socially. France is one of them. Prolonged lock downs and social distance have left many people jobless in France and France’s GDP falls down near zero. France’s new prime minister’s main goal in this economic crisis will be to bring economic and social momentum back into the mainstream of nature. So in front of the President Emmanuel Macron at his swearing-in ceremony last Friday, he said he would do everything possible for France’s economic and social growth.

    The last Saturday Jean Castex was visited semi-conductor manufacturer X-Fab France’s plant in Corbeil-Essonnes which located 28.3 km from the center of Paris. Jean Castex said an interview that France needs to bring back the jobs and move ahead with its competitive position without any short-term thinking.

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