Solar Eclipse 2021 Date & Time: When/How To Watch “Right of Fire”

Eclipses can be observed throughout the year. It is one most observed celestial phenomena in which scientists study the pattern and movement of the celestial object. Eclipses are of two types. These are the lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. In a lunar eclipse, when the sun, earth, and moon align in the same line. That means all the three celestial bodies come face to face with each other. In a solar eclipse, the phenomena of its occurrence are the same as a lunar eclipse but the only difference is their alignment. In a solar eclipse, the sun, moon, and earth align in the same line such that the moon overlaps the sun for some time and causes darkness on earth for some time. Although there are four kinds of solar eclipse, a total solar eclipse is the rarest one. In a total solar eclipse, the moon completely overlaps the sun, and the light from the sun obstructed from reaching the earth.

A total solar eclipse is rarely observed because the moon rarely overlaps the sun during its rotation around the earth. Total solar hardly occurs once or twice in a year while partial solar and a lunar eclipse can be covered more than twice in a year. The total solar eclipse can only happen for a very short period because the speed of the rotation of the earth and moon is too fast. Apart from that, the viewer must be careful while viewing the total solar eclipse because at that time the intensity of the ultraviolet ray of the sun is maximum and it can cause serious or permanent damage to the eyes. A rare solar eclipse that is in the news nowadays, is a total solar eclipse that will occur on 10th June 2021. So, let’s get to know about it in detail. The solar eclipse which is going to happen on 10th June is the first Total solar eclipse of the year 2021 which will be observed by the humans on earth.

Solar Eclipse 2021 Ring of Fire

We all are well aware of the phenomena of the occurrence of the solar eclipse. A lot of viewers are excited to observe this rarest total solar eclipse which has been monikered as “Ring of fire”. The solar eclipse which will occur on 10th June will be visible to particular parts of the world. Viewers must have to be cautious while watching this natural occurrence because the harmful radiation of the sun can permanently damage the eye. Viewers are restrict advised to use UV protective glasses which are meant to view the solar eclipse. These glasses can be easily be bought from online sites as well local retail stores. The total solar eclipse will be going to happen on the 10th of June 2021 in India, Total Solar eclipse is primarily called “Surya Grahan”.

The name Surya Grahan means shadow over the sun. According to the scientists and astronomers, the total solar eclipse will begin at 01:42 PM (according to Indian time) and the phenomena will of the eclipse will happen until 06:41 PM. During this time interval, the total solar eclipse will begin and end eventually. The peak of the solar eclipse when the ring of fire will be observed will be between the given time interval. The time mentioned above is according to the IST and at that time it will be visible in India only. The time of occurrence of the upcoming solar eclipse can differ according to the different countries. According to the data published by the scientists and astronomers of NASA, the total solar eclipse will be visible to a limited part of the world. Some of the countries, where viewers can easily observe the ring of fire around the sun are Greenland, Russia, and Canada.

Solar Eclipse 2021 Path

Among all the mentioned countries, the total solar eclipse will be visible for maximum time in Canada. Viewers and astronomers of Canada will be able to observe the most beautiful phenomena of nature for more than three minutes. The total solar eclipse will be visible in most parts of Canada. Apart from that, it will also be visible in the northern part of the Lake Superior and northern regions of Ontario. People living in Greenland will see the total Solar eclipse and the Ring of fire around the sun during the peak of the solar eclipse. The beautiful and rarest ring of Fire will be visible to the people of Greenland. The total solar eclipse will also be visible in the north pole as well as in some parts of Siberia. People from Midwest and eastern coastal regions will be able to see the partial solar eclipse. The sad part is, the total solar eclipse and “ring of fire” will not be visible in India.

Indians will miss out to witness the most beautiful and natural accident of nature. But there are multiple platforms on the internet providing links and live stream the natural phenomena on YouTube. In counters, where the total solar eclipse will not be visible, people can easily watch it live via YouTube or different live streaming platforms. We are already aware of the fact that the total solar eclipse which is going to occur on 10th June 2021 will not be visible in India. But viewers from India won’t miss out on this phenomenon and they can watch the total solar eclipse and the ring of the fire around the sun via This site has already released the live streaming link to watch the natural event live on 10th June 2021.

Solar Eclipse 2021 Time

Views can go to the webpage of the above-mentioned website and bookmark to watch live streaming of the total solar eclipse on 10th June. Viewers can get more information regarding the live stream and timing of the event from “”. Other astronautical-related YouTube channels will also live stream the total solar eclipse on the day of its occurrence. Viewers can get more info about the total solar eclipse on various other websites. Astronomers have explained the reason behind the occurrence of the ring of fire during the Total Solar eclipse. They said that the phenomena of the ring of fire only occur when the moon is at the maximum distance from the earth and path of the all three celestial bodies align in the same line. In the ring of fire, the corona of the sun is completely visible and it feels like a ring burning with fire.

The solar eclipse which is going to occur on 10th June 2021 is one of its kind and this kind of solar eclipse is rarely observed. Scientists and astronomers from all around the world are actively observing the phenomena and gather information by studying the solar eclipse. Eclipses are one of the most and beautiful phenomena of nature. A total solar eclipse is the rarest which occurs on an average of once in 1.5 years. The solar eclipse which is going to occur on 10th June 2021 is the rarest of the rare eclipse. The reason behind its rarity is the “Ring of the fire” phenomenon. In the ring of fire total solar eclipse, only the corona of the sun visible to the eyes and seems like a burning ring placed millions of miles away. In India, solar and lunar eclipses are considered divine phenomena.

Solar Eclipse 2021 Date

According to Indian mythology, the sun is considered as the god of light and occurrence of solar eclipse are considered as a phenomenon in which God of the light fight with evil forces and monsters and that is why there is a shadow occurs over the god of light(sun). People in India took fast during the solar eclipse and chant mantras for the victory of God of light over evil forces. Every country has its own conception towards the occurrence but above all the conception, Total solar is the most beautiful accidental occurrence created by nature.

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