Sonu Sood Sends Smartphones To Students Of Remote Villages for Online Classes

Actor SonuSood read the news regarding students of a small Morni village in Haryana who could not get access to online schooling. He decided to help and send smart mobile phones to the students so that they could get online learning. Students of the village of Morni travelled miles for mobile phones so they can attend their online classes going on because of Corona-virus pandemic. Their parents could not manage phones because of financial difficulties.

On Wednesday, state high school students in Morni’sKoti village had their smartphones delivered to the principal by Karan Gilhotra, Sood ‘s friend. The students even spoke with Sonu Sood over a video call to thank him for this gesture and providing the students the way to attend their classes online at their own home. SonuSood was pleased to help the students and he wrote about the same on Twitter “A great start to my day to see all students get their smartphones to participate.”

In the same tweet, he also thanked his friend Karan Gilhotra for delivering the smartphones and to a journalist named HinaRohtaki who posted about this matter a few days ago. SonuSood has not supported the schooling of underprivileged students for the first time. Earlier, he also helped a Himachal Pradesh family, whose only source of income was their cow, to buy a smartphone for online classes for their children.

SonuSood previously shared worries about students’ health and safety and assisted students who were recommending NEET, JEE Main 2020 examinations, to be postponed. “Students who attend the exam arrive from rural parts. Sure, an examination is needed, but it is also needed to protect younger generation. When it is important to avoid anything in the whole world, so why not take this exam for a moment”, he posted on Twitter.

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