Spain vs. Germany 6-0: The Biggest Historic Defeat In Nations League finals

A remarkable hat trick match of Ferran Torres against Germany. Ferran Torres is the first Spanish player who score hat trick against German national football team. This is the biggest losing football match for Germany by Spain. Germany loses the match in the margin of 6-0 last night.

During match Spanish Tiki Taka was football completely dominating all the time. Before first half Spain taks lead 3-0 by Alvaro Morata, Ferran and Rodri’s gole.

It’s No doubt that this wine make silence of the Spain critics. Spain’s the last match against Swaziland is drown by 1-1. But after this match Spain supporter and team management get boosting their confidence level.

Morata meanwhile said “We had the opportunity to send a strong message out to the whole world and we have done just that” And after 6 match Spain reaches the top of League A4 with 11 points.

Spain manager Luis Enrique said, “This was one of those nights that happen very rarely, when everything goes exactly as planned. The players went out all fired up and did everything right. This is what you get when you combine quality and attitude”.

Germany need a down to reaches the 2nds position with 9 points.

“It’s definitely a bitter defeat. It’s very, very disappointing for us all. I am part of the team. We talk about the we. We screwed this up together. Our body language was disappointing, we did not communicate on the pitch. We should have talked more,” Manuel Neuer said.

Meanwhile, Germany’s beleaguered boss Joachim Low said that “nothing worked out.” He explained the Germany team lacked “body language and body tension” and failed to gain control of the match or their opponents.

“We wanted to be courageous,” he said. “But nothing worked out. We threw away our concept after the 1-0. We stormed out of position, opened spaces. There was no organization. There was no communication.

“Every aspect was bad today. There was nothing positive. It was a dark, dark day.”

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