Verizon Wireless Phones Users Get Spam Messages on Their Own Phone Numbers

During this week, lots of people get spam messages on their own phone numbers. Those spam messages are send from different Unknown numbers. The messages are about gifts and a spam link also sends with this. If you click that link you will be redirected to Russian website.

According to reporter “This morning, I received a very blatant spam text offering me ‘a little gift’ for supposedly paying my phone bill. Normally I’d groan, roll my eyes, and quickly delete such a thing, but there was something different about this particular message: it was spoofed as coming from my own phone number. As best my iPhone could tell, it was a legitimate message from me to myself. Tapping into the sender details took me to my own contact card… These scammers keep getting more sophisticated.” And he also added He added: “There’s something more disconcerting and invasive about it being linked to your own number.”
This is part of investigation, so investigations teams are warned that never click on those spam link.

“The link I received forwarded me to the website of Channel One Russia, a state TV network. Others have reported similar results and say they’re redirected to Russian websites when they click the link.”
However it’s unclear that why flood of spam message appear on Verizon warless customers. Verizon is the largest warless carrier of United Stared. But, AT&T is as well, yet the latter’s customers don’t appear to be experiencing this influx of spam texts at this time.

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