Question Rises About Sandeep Singh’s Role in Sushant’s Death, Sushant Singh Rajput’s Friend Opened his Mouth

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is suicide or murder? The answer to this question hasn’t revealed yet. The CBI is investigating the incident. Meanwhile, since the death of Sushant, the role of producer Sandeep Singh has been repeatedly questioned.

Many people have also called Sandeep Singh the ‘mastermind’ of the incident. by taking the role of Sandeep Singh Smita Parikh Actor’s friend has raised questions. In this situation, Sandeep Singh finally opened his mouth.

What exactly happened on June 14, which is revealed by Sandeep Singh in an All-India Media interview.

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In Sandeep’s words, “I have been friends with Sushant since 2011. Yeah, that’s right that There was no contact with Sushant for the last 1 year. But I also couldn’t believe Sushant’s death like the others. I ran to find out exactly what had happened to my old friend. I called Mahesh Sethi and went to Sushant’s flat in Mahesh’s car. The police did not allow me to enter the flat at first, we were waiting outside. When Sushant’s body was unloaded, Mahesh and I were downstairs. The body was taken to Cooper Hospital. Then with the permission of the police, we sat inside Sushant’s flat. Cooper called the police from the hospital and asked them to take his identity card. Mitu Didi took out an identity card, and then I went to the hospital with Didi”.

In the all-India media, Sandeep Singh raised the question, “Should I have acted thoughtfully and responsibly on June 14? How should I look, talk to the media with tears in my eyes, should I have thought all about this”?

Sandeep wrote on Instagram, “I couldn’t keep up with the news on June 14. I ran there and saw that there was no one but Mitu Didi. I was shocked. I wonder now, did I make a mistake by standing next to her (Sushant’s) sister during that difficult time? Should I have waited for, let others come, then I will go”.

Last but not least, Sandeep Singh has revealed the WhatsApp chat with Sushant on social media in response to all the questions that are being raised about him.

The caption reads, “Sorry brother, my silence has shattered my 20-year-old image and family. I didn’t know that, now days a certificate is needed for friendship. Today I am making our private chats public. Because, this will be the last proof of our friendship”.

Sandeep has published several conversations with Sushant on November 9, 2016 and June 14, 2018. It shows that Sushant had talked to him about going to see ‘Kedarnath’. In a chat, Sushant invited Sandeep to hang out and spend time at the Lonavala resort.

Sandeep Singh has also revealed some WhatsApps chat with Sushant’s brother-in-law and mittu didi after Sushant’s death.

He wrote in the caption, “Everyone says Sushant’s family doesn’t know me. Yes, that’s right. I never talked to his family. I’m standing next to a grieving sister, is it my fault? The question is why did I talk to the ambulance driver? I am also bringing that publicly”.

Sandeep Singh told All-India Media, “My number was given to the ambulance driver by the police. The ambulance driver called me to ask for money. I say, you will get the money. Later my assistant gave him money. Would I go to her family to ask for money in this situation? Would that be right”?

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