Taiwan Spending $620 Million to Upgrade Patriot Missiles

    Taiwan is going to spend huge amounts of money to increase its military power. The head of Taiwan’s military is set to spend 600 million dollar on advanced technology for Michelle, one of the main weapons in Taiwan’s military. This dill is going too held between Taiwan and USA. And what the US Government has already approved.

    At present the Chinese threat on this territory is growing. Although Taiwan is an independent territory, the Chinese government has repeatedly claimed the democratically ruled island as part of its territory. So the Chinese government has condemned the house who bought weapons from the Americans.

    But even if the continent has no moral or democratic ties with the Americans, this move by the Taiwanese Government will be a moral victory for the US government. However, the island bounded by American Low to supply and support about defiance porpoise.

    The current World pandemic situation has brought US and China relations to a standstill. America is repeatedly blamed China and WHO for this pandemic situation.

    Taiwan’s defense minister has said the up gradation of Michel dill will be completed by next August. This purpose will cost them a total of 620 million dollar and this dill will be fully managed by Lockheed Martin. This is the 7th purchase from USA in term of defiance purpose.

    This move would further boost their military strength and strengthen regional threats and defense. This move will thinking Beijing’s misrule to creak and the aspect upon Taiwan.

    The Chinese government has repeatedly claimed Taiwan as part of its territory. In this and adverse situation, diplomatic pressure will increase on this government. However, Taiwan has little power over one of China’s vast military and advanced technology strategies. Taiwan’s military is well-trained and military weapons are imported from USA.

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