Tata Sky Music, Tata Sky Music+ For TV & Mobile As A Single Subscription: Details

When it comes to apps that offer music on the basis of subscription, there are many apps such as Spotify, Resso, Amazon Music, iTunes, Tata Sky Music, and so on. But the reason as to why many of them are not preferred is due to the fact that they are very much expensive and it doesn’t hold that much value for a common man. The reason here is that you can basically download any song using a third-party application such as Snaptube or Vidmate from YouTube by sharing your favorite songs from the same and linking them to these apps. These apps would then process the data and then download your music for you and this would be way easier rather than buying subscriptions to these apps that cost so much.

But when it comes to money, we have seen that the third part application basically steals the copyright and the music right of the artist, and having offline songs is illegal as you aren’t paying a proper subscription of these songs to the respective owners. This is not the case in subscription apps. These apps actually pay the artists that upload their music as they charge for their listeners. Since apps like these are subscription-based, they always compete with each other to achieve a certain hierarchy over the other. This includes making memes and trolling each other on Twitter. This is clearly visible in the case of Apple vs Samsung as they both troll each other with respect to iTunes vs Spotify. One of the main reasons why competition is limited only to trolling is because when it comes to subscription charges, companies need to pay more as for the artist’s fees.

Tata Sky Music Revamped

This makes it difficult for them to compete on the basis of subscription charges. One such app among these is the Tata Sky Music. Tata Sky Music subscriptions, also known as Tata Sky Music + recently came with a variety of techniques to beat its competitors. The service has been completely revamped to attract customers so that they would know what is the best. The revamp here is that the app is now available for both TV and mobile devices on a single subscription fee. This is largely underrated and people don’t know the basics of these. When it comes to TV music there volume of the app increases and many big companies charge separately for TV music. But not Tata Sky Music because this app has incorporated both the TV version and the mobile version in a single subscription. You can use your app on both devices on a single subscription fee.

This would be because of a certain new policy that helps customers which were released by the company. The major advantage here is that it is available for just 2.5 Rs./day which is such a huge achievement. This means that you can stream music on the app for just about 75 Rupees regardless of who you are on the app for a whole month. To explain it further regardless of who you are, you can use the subscription app. The emphasis on these five words is due to the fact that other subscription companies desire you to meet certain requirements before you can avail discount rates. Spotify, for example, uses family size, customer’s age, and other qualifications to determine the amount of discount. The cheapest rate is offered as a student discount which is about 100 to 120 rupees per month.

Tata Sky Music Subscription Plans

Plus, it requires you to submit a proper ID claiming that you are a student and not anyone can approve of the same. For those of you who are not students, this category doesn’t apply. You need to pay about 250 rupees per month to have your Spotify subscription. This is quite the same in any other apps such as Amazon Prime Music or Resso. You have to pay the same for iTunes as well. Plus in iTunes there are options of buying an individual song for yourself is far more expensive than anything. This is because it requires you to pay for individual albums of artists and it charges way more than any subscription-based apps like Amazon Music. Tata Sky Music thus now rules over its competitors in the market due to such low subscription fees. You can see that the Tata Sky Music company has revamped itself to provide both the Tata Sky Music and the Tata Sky Music + subscriptions on TV and mobile both.

Plus, these subscriptions are provided at very affordable prices as per Indian consumers which is about 2.5 rupees per day. The company has claimed that this would be a 360 music experience for its users and they would be much happier with the additional benefits of the music app. Initially, as we see in other apps such as Spotify and Amazon Music, the basic app is usually free but you have to pay subscription fees for premium versions. This is because premium versions offer additional benefits within the app over the standard version with better quality music. The same was with Tata Sky Music because the Tata Sky Music and the Tata Sky Music + were completely different apps and the plus version provided additional benefits over the standard product. These benefits were available once the subscription is paid.

Tata Sky Music New Subcription Plans

But now, the company has changed its policies and you can get both the apps which are the Tata Sky Music and the Tata Sky Music + apps on the same platform because they are now incorporated in the same apps. There are many benefits of the subscription to Tata Sky Music. The benefits are provided in the app after paying the subscription fees. Since both the apps have been incorporated together, you cannot have the free version anymore. You have to pay for the subscription regardless of the fact that you want the additional benefits or not. The incorporation of both the Tata Sky Music and the Tata Sky Music + into one single app, the change in the subscription fees, and the inclusion of TV and Mobile both in the same app were announced by the Tata Sky company during a press release. The benefits of these apps were also included in the press release.

The benefits of these apps would be that you can get 20 audio stations and 5 different video stations on the same app. These audio stations would contain all your favorite songs plus you can even watch music videos on the video stations. Moreover, there is an ad-free listening experience on the app. There won’t be any ads available once you start streaming your music or video and there won’t be any disturbance in your listening experience. The major advantage that people want when it comes to subscription apps is the ability to listen to their favorite songs anywhere without the internet too. The option of having to download songs and videos offline is also available in the app. And of course, you would get unlimited access to all types of songs and music videos without having to pay for albums that have been recently released.

Tata Sky Music Plans

The biggest advantage of this new policy by the Tata Sky Music company is that you can get the Hungama Music Pro app free with the subscription. This means that you would get the subscription of the Hungama Music Pro app free with the subscription to Tata Sky Music. This is the biggest move by the company that has almost destroyed any of its competitors with respect to its pricing feature. This is because separately if you are going to buy the Hungama Music Pro subscription you would have to pay 99 rupees per month for the subscription. But now you would get the Tata Sky Music app with unlimited music access, unlimited video access, offline download, ad-free listening experience, incorporation on both the TV and mobile devices, Hungama Music Pro subscription at just 75 Rupees per month or 2.5 rupees per day. Moreover, Tata Sky Music offers many genres such as Hindi, Ghazals, Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu, Classical, and International songs on the apps.

It even includes regional and devotion songs too which is good for religious people. Plus you can search for any song you like and you can find the same on the app. Pallavi Puri, the Chief Commercial Content Officer of the Tata Sky Music company said that they wanted to offer one-stop music benefits for everyone and to extend its audience base with the help of their partner which is the Hungama Music Company. This would let them explore many cohorts of new customers. Currently, customers who had already bought the subscription for the Tata Sky Music + would get the updated benefits soon. As for new customers, they can give a missed call at this number (080 6858 0815) and they would be initiated for the same. They can even enjoy the service on TV channel number 815.

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