TCL TS3015 Soundbar Launched In India: Price, Features & More

A soundbar is a loudspeaker that resonates sound from a wider enclosure in order to increase sound quality. Several individual speakers are placed side by side to provide you with an immersive sound experience. The soundbar is the perfect solution to a compromise between the relatively small speaker your television has and the extremely expensive home theatre system. However, you do need to ensure that the soundbar you choose has to be well equipped to deal with your needs, as some do not come with a remote, some might block your TV’s remote sensor, and yet others might lack connectivity to HDMI.

One of the best soundbars today is the TCL TS3015 Soundbar priced at Rs8,999/-. This soundbar is the first product that TCL has launched, and it includes a subwoofer as well. The subwoofer is not an essential element needed for a soundbar to function, but it helps to improve the audio quality. The subwoofer helps to produce sounds of low frequencies and gives you good quality for sounds like bass and sub-bass.

TCL TS3015 Soundbar Launched

The specialization of the subwoofer allows the other speakers in the soundbar to focus on the production of sounds of other frequencies, thereby increasing the quality of sounds produced due to specialization. The subwoofer is wireless, which means that you can position it according to your television and the location of your soundbar without worrying about the deterioration of sound quality. The soundbar is a 2.1 channel speaker system, which means it consists of two or more speakers grouped into the left and right sides of the soundbar.

More speakers will not be effective in producing more sound, rather, they are useful in producing better quality of sound. The soundbar also provides audio output up to 180W. The soundbar supports Bluetooth version 5.0. The newer Bluetooth version has significant advantages over the older ones, like being able to connect multiple devices to it at the same time. The newer Bluetooth version has seen an increase in speed and a greater range for connectivity.

TCL TS3015 Soundbar Size

The range is equivalent to four times what was available in older versions, whereas the speed is twice what was available in the older versions. The newer version is also equipped with Low Energy mode, to help you take advantage of all these facilities while conserving on power. The design of the soundbar is sleek, and pleasing to the eye, even though it is available only in the standard black color only. The soundbar’s structure is such that it will comfortably fit above or below your theatre system, as per your preference.

The soundbar comes with a compact remote, which makes it easy to stow away when not in use. The remote is user friendly, which means you can navigate your way through it singlehandedly, and control switching the soundbar on and off, Bluetooth connectivity, and increase or decrease of the volume. The soundbar is equipped with various sound modes, each of which specializes in playing music, or the relaying of news, and movies. The various sound modes ensure that you are provided the best quality of sound available for each type of listening – be it music or a movie.

TCL TS3015 Soundbar Features

The soundbar is priced in a very reasonable range and comes jam-packed with features. The ease of operation, the ease of installation – which is seen in the selling of a wireless subwoofer in the package, and the mounting kit to install the soundbar, all add to its advantages. If you are searching for a quality soundbar within budget, then this is your best alternative. 

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