Tecno Spark 6 Air Price, Specifications and Price In India

The Tecno Spark 6 Air is available in two models. There is the 2 GB RAM with 32 GB storage and the 3 GB RAM with 32 GB storage. It runs on the Mediatek Helio A22 chipset. It has a 13 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera. It is also equipped with a 6,000 mAh battery. It runs on Quadcore, 2 GHz, Cortex-A 53 processor. Available at the reasonable price of Rs7,999/- in India, it currently boasts of being one of the best smartphones available under Rs10,000/-.

It offers a 13-month warranty and a screen replacement provided in the first six months after purchasing the phone. It allows for an IPS LCD 7-inch display. It also has a blue light filter to enable people to use the smartphone at night without causing eye strain. However, it has been revealed that the 7-inch display does not allow the comfortable single-handed use that has been advertised. It is seen that it is challenging to maneuver the hand to operate the phone effortlessly. The chipset of this phone is not equipped to handle high performing games like Pubg, etc. It will cause a lag after the first 15 minutes of gaming.

Tecno Spark 6 In India

Tecno Spark 6 Air Battery and Camera Information

It comes with a 6,000 mAh battery, which gives up to 4 days of usage or 743 hours of battery on standby time. This is a pretty impressive feature for a smartphone in this price range. However, the phone is not equipped with fast charging capability. It takes roughly 3 hours 19 mins for the phone to reach full battery from 0%.

The phone comes with a 13 MP rear camera, allowing you to take photos and videos in HD. The front camera boasting 8 MP also enables you to take pictures and videos in HD. However, the slow-motion feature is unavailable in the inbuilt phone cameras. It often takes some time to focus if the lens is moved around rapidly, and the camera does not perform well in low light. Within the given price range, its camera quality is decent.

Tecno Spark 6 Specifications

More Tecno Spark 6 Air Features To Look For

This phone’s quirky feature is that it has two flashlights attached to the front of the phone, right above the display. The phone also boasts of something known as ‘Bike Mode’ wherein if you get a call while driving a bike, the call will be rejected, and a message will be conveyed to the person calling you saying that you are driving right now. The feature of screen recording in two ways is also present in the smartphone.

To facilitate ease of use, you can customize a smart panel on the phone to keep all your favorite apps in one place. It allows the launching of apps based on the fingerprint sensor. It also allows you to launch applications on a switched off the display using screen gestures.

Tecno Spark 6 Colors

Tecno Spark 6 Air Review

On an unbiased evaluation of the pros and cons, it is seen that the features provided within the price range are excellent. This is a good smartphone for those who use it for educational purposes in times of the pandemic because of its large display and battery life. It is useful for those who are looking for the basic features of a smartphone at a reasonable price.

However, it is not the phone for you if you are looking for a phone to support high-performance gaming, extreme multitasking, or cinematography quality pictures and videos. The purchase of this phone for you will depend on your needs. Suffice it to say; this phone is a good buy within the price range.

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