The Kapil Sharma Show Is Returning With Krushna, Bharti, Chandan and Kiku

TV serials have always been a huge part of the Indian television industry and there are no serials that are worth mentioning other than reality shows. We used to watch Indian Idol and shows like that during our childhood and things have changed quite a lot since those days. Apart from the daily soap that people watch, reality shows instill a sense of involvement in the shows and the audience feels like a part of the show rather than being just a mere watcher. To support this claim, you must check out the ratings and views per minute of these TV shows and you would know just how superior they are to daily soaps. Amongst these shows, reality shows that have comedy and a sense of humour are most appreciated as they provide more light entertainment than the daily dramas of life.

If you mix comedy, humour, great content, awesome set-up, and star hosts, then it isn’t Tarak Mehta that tops the list but Kapil Sharma. Comedy nights with Kapil Sharma was one of the most successful shows that you would find on the small screen. Although a lot of controversies have popped up regarding the show and we might have seen many things which were not so appropriate, we still love the show regardless of anything. Kapil Sharma is a very famous Indian stand-up comedian, a great actor, producer, and host of many of his shows. To say that he might be the Conan of the Indian cinema would be an understatement. Many things separate Kapil from other TV stars that would generate a long list and the news would end.

The Kapil Sharma Show Is Returning

But, to mention a few, Kapil is the most sensitive of all, having a very kind heart and a sense of humour that would literally roast you, and yet you would feel absolutely glad about the same. Kapil Sharma was first seen in comedy nights with Kapil where he attracted a huge fan following and the success that he earned was so much that the producers decided to go for the second season. There were even reports that the reason why Kapil is such a big star now is because of the first show. We saw raw talent combined with his friend which later resulted in a break-up among the two, which we would discuss later and yet even the sequel was readily appreciated by the Indian fans.  It wasn’t just the story of comedy nights with Kapil that made him so famous. Sony had started a show back then called the comedy circus which ran out for six seasons.

Surprisingly, Kapil won all six seasons and went on to become a comedy legend. Trust me, this is exactly where comedic legends such as Sunil pal and other members emerged and became the number one in the industry. You might be surprised but this is exactly the case. The Great Indian laughter Challenge was another show where he earned about 10 lakh rupees and it is still considered as the best of the best performance by him. The Kapil Sharma show thus started as the result of Kapil’s success in so many things. Now several things made him famous and thus he already has such a huge fan following that the show was a grand success. The show had several other members as well who played different roles as the chai wala, the teacher and the famous doctor, Sunil Grover.


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Now, this was where all the problems jumped in because there was some misunderstanding between the two major stars and it resulted at the end of the show. The show started with a bang and then the friendship of these two is said to be broken off by the rudeness of Kapil or was it by the arrogance of Sunil Grover, we don’t know. But the fact that they broke up was enough to separate the fan base. Doctor Gulati, the famous character played by the latter had such a huge fan following that it was said that half of those who watched the show, watched it solely for seeing the doctor perform. The character also mesmerized people off-screen where clips of the shows started trending in meme content. After they broke up, it is said that it had a huge impact on both the celebrities.

Because Sunil had everything from the show and had to leave it for reasons they both know themselves, he had a rough time entering the TV show again and would be seen doing small roles. However, the actor came clean on social media and wished his co-worker success in the show. This was regarded as a huge part of him that he swallowed his pride and became something better. But, this was not the case with Kapil. As for Kapil, he gained weight. He started abusing the people on the show and got mentally unstable. It is even said that he got into depression and he let go of everything. The show which was seen as a grand success became dust in a few episodes. Although the fans remained loyal to the show, the show became infamous for petty dialogues and everything like that. It was a complete disaster for Kapil and we feel that it was the worst time of his life.

The Kapil Sharma Show Cast

His career was in danger and everything around him went bad. As the mega-star has helped hundreds of people in the industry and millions of people around the globe, the biggest star currently and the one with one the biggest fan following, among the top 50 most handsome men and the top 5 most paid and wealthiest actor in this country, the being human owner, Salman Khan himself came to the rescue. He coaxed him out of depression and made him realise his worth. This was another turning point in Kapil’s life because he took the advice of his seniors and friends and came back on the show. Another show was launched where the man would have his former friends, other than Sunil of course, come on the show to act and make the show a success again.

The show called upon actors and actresses who used to come on the show and have a fun experience while chatting with Kapil. It was true humour and Kapil made us laugh again. Although the actors and the actresses came to promote their films, it was better for both them and Kapil as the show worked. We also got to snoop around in their lives and know many things that the actors wouldn’t say in front of the paparazzi. Now, Kapil has announced another show which would return with Krushna, who had the most recent controversy with the mega-star Govinda and is still is said to be recovering from the same and with his cute performances as he plays the female characters, Bharti with all her might, coming straight from so many controversies on drugs and so many other things with her jokes, Kiku, our hobo who has the best ‘pitara’ of jokes that we can ever think of.


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You might think you would know the answer to his jokes and would laugh on the inside as to how silly it is, but it would come out to be even more silly and funnier than you expected. Also, you would even see Chandan, our Raju chaiwala, who doesn’t involve himself in controversies such as these and is said to be very cheerful on the set. He is married to the beautiful Nandini Khanna, which is something that Kapil makes fun of often. The announcement about this collaboration has happened on Instagram where Kapil Sharma uploaded a post with the entire crew which was standing side by side posing on a red carpet, and confirmed that the show would return soon. Archana Puran Singh, the woman with the infamous laughs is said to be the judge of the show again. She also has attracted many followers with her charming nature and talent. Something that you won’t find anywhere else is that one of our sources have confirmed this news that the Sharma cast has already been shooting the first episode in Aamby Valley, Lonavala.

Although the location is quite good, it would take a lot of time to set the stage and everything and it would be a tough job to release everything. The show would air sometime around the end of this month on the same channel and it would be a mega blast from the past because we hope that we would be able to be the same vigour from the team we saw during the Mashoor Gulati era. Also, another report has confirmed that there would be another person on the board which is Sudesh Lehri, and he would be gracing us with his presence and his keen sense of humour.  The host had uploaded the picture with a caption stating that there would be new beginnings from the old ones and this states that the show might have something new. Furthermore, Bharti Singh also hinted about the show that it would start soon in a video and she also posted the same thing on social media saying that she is happy to unite with her bachpan ka pyaar.

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