The New Report Found That The Oceans Reached Their Highest Temperature In History In 2020 : According To Scientists

    According to scientists, the new report found that the oceans reached their highest temperature in history in 2020. This heat exacerbated the adverse weather effects of climate change. The study was published in the Journal of the Advancement of Atmospheric Science.

    90% of the heat covered by carbon emissions is absorbed by the oceans. Scientists estimate that the oceans are now warming faster than at any time in the 2000s. Warm seas create stronger storms because hot water makes them stronger. In 2020, 29 tropical storms hit the Atlantic Ocean.

    “Ocean warming is a key measure, setting a long record in 2020, which shows that global warming is continuing,” said John Abraham, a professor at St. Thomas University in Minnesota. A new analysis published in the Guardian says: “Warm oceans put pressure on the weather, affecting the global biological system as well as human society. “Climate change is really killing people, and we can’t stop it.”

    Rising sea levels and wet patterns are dangerous side effects of warm oceans. Not to mention, millions of animals and creatures are affected by hot water.

    “By 2020, the oceans have reached a new record high, and although global carbon emissions have dropped, they will continue to warm up as long as we release carbon into the atmosphere,” Pence said. Michael Mann, a university professor and one of the research team, told The Guardian. “This is a reminder of the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions in the next few years.”

    Read recent reports on emissions and climate change, including the G20’s energy use report and Biden’s environmental plan report. Climate change is affecting marine life, such as acid grains harming crustaceans, the mystery of dead birds in Alaska, the cod in the Gulf of Aden, the New England coast lizard, and the whale in the Gulf of Maine.
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