The Pak Army Had no Weapons and Food During the Kargil War: Nawaz Sharif

    New Delhi: The Indo-Pakistani Kargil war was backed by a handful of Pakistani generals, not the entire army. Pakistan Muslim League-N chief Nawaz Sharif made the demand.

    Nawaz Sharif

    Yesterday was the third rally of the 11 opposition parties in Pakistan. Joining it via video from London, Nawaz Sharif said, “Our brave soldiers were killed in the Kargil conflict, Pakistan is small in front of the whole world.”

    But our troops did not have a hand in that conflict, a few generals did. Not only the army, they have left the country and the nation in a state where there is no power.

    The soldiers said they were sent to the top of the mountain without food. There were no weapons, they had to die helplessly. What did the country get? The question is Sharif.

    He said the generals who started the conflict in Kargil were behind the October 12, 1999 military coup. They imposed martial law in the country to avoid punishment. He also alleged that Pervez Musharraf and his associates, who were the Pak army chief during Kargil, used the Pak army for personal gain.

    Sharif also alleged that he was removed from the post of Prime Minister for some reason. His claim that Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf is not running the country well at all, the way they broke down the door of his daughter Maryam and her husband’s hotel, is very shameful.

    By whose order was the private moment of his daughter-in-law thus interfered with? The question is Sharif.

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