Three Former Presidents At The Event to Reassure Americans About The Vaccine

    Three former US presidents are taking part in a rally to reassure the country’s citizens about the corona virus vaccine. Many people are skeptical about the safety of vaccines if they are officially approved. In the interest of the people, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will take the vaccine in front of the camera. The trio believes that Americans can be reassured about the safety of the vaccine if it is properly publicized.

    On behalf of Bush, his chief aide, Freddie Ford, said he had already contacted Anthony Fawcett, chief physician at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Deborah Birks, the White House coroner’s virus representative. Once all the safety has been ensured, the vaccine clearance must first reach those who need it. Former President Ford said he would then apply it to himself to make people aware.

    Bill Clinton’s representative said the same thing. He said Clinton would apply the vaccine to herself first after reaching out to those who needed it. He will take the vaccine in public to encourage citizens. “I’ve worked with Anthony Fawzi in the past,” Obama said in an interview on the coronavirus vaccine. This vaccine will help boost immunity from corona, and it is safe. I may get this vaccine in front of the media. ”

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