Tiktok Has Been Hugely Affected by The Pressure of Donald Trump, Kevin Mayer Has Resign as CEO of TickTock

    Kevin Mayer has stepped down as CEO of Tiktok. A few days ago, US President Donald Trump threatened that Tiktok would be banned in the United States if US-agency could not buy Tiktok within 90 days. In that context, Kevin was forced to resign. He will be replaced by GM Vanessa Papas in the interim.

    Trump’s Ultimatum:

    US President Donald Trump has already confirmed that China’s short video app TikTok will be banned in the United States. But then Microsoft took the initiative to buy the Tiktok. And then Trump changed the tune a bit. However, now his statement is if the Tiktok is not sold to Microsoft within 90 days, then they will ban the Tiktok for sure.

    China counter-attacks America:

    Meanwhile, China is angry with the United States over this issue. China spoke on this issue that, the US is trying to get the ownership of Tiktok by force. In this case, the fight in the field of technology is inevitable. Because China does not surrender. As well as the Chinese threat that Beijing could take a number of counter-measures to avenge the US move if they wanted to, this would be harmful to Washington. Despite the US claim, Tiktok has been giving all information directly to the Chinese Communist Party for so long, which is a huge threat to the country’s security.

    Discussion About Buying Tiktok:

    But in the meantime, to buy the app Microsoft is in discussion with Boit Dance (the owner of Tiktok). This was the information Reported by the organization. Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, is also discussing the issue with Trump.

    America will increase the scope of the digital strike:

    Not just the Chinese app, to increase the scope of the digital strike on China, America is making all kinds of preparations. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said President Donald Trump is considering banning all Chinese-owned software in the coming days. Banning Chinese apps like TikTok and excluding Chinese companies from 5G expansion could serve as an important decision to curb surveillance by the Chinese Communist Party.

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