Tokyo 2020: India Beats Australia By 1-0 To Enter Semi-Finals

Tokyo Olympics is going on and all the countries are performing at their best. The first medal in the Tokyo Olympic 2021 was grabbed by China. Qian yang became the first medal winner in the sports festival. She won gold in the 10m air rifle competition. While the hosting country won its first medal in judo. Takato naohisa grab a gold medal in judo under the 60 kg category. He beats Chinese judo player yang Yung. There are too many competitive and powerful players competing in the Tokyo Olympics. Hopes are high for India. India hasn’t performed like China and the USA but our hockey team is making its way to the pinnacle and making historic wins against their rivals. M Naveen Pattanaik has done its best to provide all facilities to the team ( both men and women).

Bhubaneswar became a hub for hockey in India. There are players from Odisha in both teams. CM used to watch all matches played by both Indian teams. He said during an interview “ I hope that Indian teams do well after a long gap in Olympic hockey. Best wishes to players, coaches, and the supporting staff of Indian teams.” The women hockey team of India historically marked its presence in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics. The women’s hockey team gave stiff competition to the Australian team and the opponent team wasn’t even able to score a single goal in the match. Indian women hockey team registered a win over three-time champions Australia with a score of 1-0. Eventually, the women’s hockey team pave its way to the semi-finals with tremendous effort and astonishing teamwork.

Tokyo 2020 India Beats Australia

Gurjit Kaur has changed the orientation of the game during the match, her drag-flick propels India towards the gate of the semi-finals.  While the main attraction of the game was goalkeeper Savita, she has saved all 9 shots. This was something worth watching and it was giving a feeling of the famous movie “Chak de India”. Although, it happened in reality and our team has made proud our country on the international platform. The next match in India will be held on 4 August and the Indian women’s hockey team will compete against Argentina in the semi-finals. The goal credit goes for India goes to Gurjit Kaur. She scores the goal at the 22-minute pass of the game and petrified a glorious victory. Now India’s women’s hockey teas have entered the last-4 zone. Three other teams who have qualified for the semi-finals have also performed well.

India will have to compete against Argentina in the semis and everything goes well we hope that the Indian women team will write history in the Tokyo Olympics. Both the Indian hockey team are in a higher spirit and performing tremendously in the Tokyo Olympics. Indian women’s hockey team has been performing well since their first match, and it is their hat-trick win by defeating the Australian team. On the other hand, India’s next competitor Argentina is also marking its presence and continuously defeating its rivals. Argentina defeated Germany by 3-0 in the quarterfinal which was held on Monday. India and Argentina are in the prime performance in their matches. The next match between the two teams will be crucial and it will be hard for both the team to beat one another.

India Beats Australia Tokyo 2020

In the quarterfinal round, the Indian women’s hockey team has unleashed their wrath upon the Australian team and defending like a wall against the rival team. The women’s hockey team managed to save eight penalty corners and created history in the Olympic games. The sight was one of its kind and mesmerized the viewers. Even though the women’s hockey team doesn’t get much recognition, they are making India proud on the international podium. They don’t play as many matches as their male counterparts do. That is why while Men’s team is ranked 4th in the world while women are ranked 9th in the world. Their record in the Olympics is not as impressive as Men’s team is. The more matches they play, the better results they will get. India deserved this win and Australia is shocked actually with the defeat.

Indian women’s team played so well under the heat. A stiff challenge has been given by our hockey team to the opponent. India women’s hockey team created history by beating three-time world champions Australia 1-0 Tokyo. It is believed that the women’s hockey team has outshined with their performance and it is the best win since 1980. At that time women’s hockey team grabbed the fourth position in the Moscow Olympics and it was their debut match. On the other hand, the men’s hockey team is performing ravishingly in the Tokyo Olympics and they already have reached the semi-finals by demolishing Britain with a lead of 3-1. Indian men’s hockey team will compete against Belgium on Tuesday in the semi-final round. Both of our hockey team is doing well in the Tokyo Olympic. Indian men hockey team defeated Belgium by 3-1 on Sunday and enters the semi-finals.

Tokyo 2020 Hockey India Beats Australia

Indian team attains a historic win because it is the first time in 49 years that our team has entered into the semi-finals of Olympic games by defeating Great Britain. The perseverance of both men, as well as women hockey teams, is at par and we have a lot of expectorations with both of them. Indian men’s hockey team is at rank 4th on the international hockey rankings, which ensures that they are one of the strongest teams in the world. Moreover, the Indian hockey team is constantly being selected for the Olympics and is also constantly performing well. So, there are no doubts for a team like that to be selected for the next Tokyo Olympics. Indian hockey team is now in number 9 position on world ranking and the team has defeated one of the finest teams in the world. Indian women’s hockey team beat Australia 1-0 and made their way to the semi-finals of Tokyo Olympic.

The achievement achieved by our women’s hockey team is the first time in history. Resilience, capability, and fire, all that was there in this heart-winning performance. The women team’s strong defence was led brilliantly by goalkeeper Savita Punia. All credit goes to her and other players who saved 9 attacks by Australian women. Both men and women started playing great hockey a little late not from the beginning. As it was Men’s hockey team’s 2nd match, they didn’t play up to their potential. As far as women players are concerned, they woke up after their defeat in the hands of Great Britain, after which they never looked back and kept playing superb hockey. All credit goes to their coach. People have a lot of expectations with our women hockey team and we can pray that both the men as well as women hockey teams will grab Olympic medals in the Tokyo Olympics.

India Beats Australia Hockey

Indian women’s hockey team created history today by advancing to its first-ever semi-final at the Olympics in Tokyo after beating three-time champions Australia by a solitary goal. The excellent team with the coach Sjoerd Marijne and the captain Rani Rampal played their best and made this possible. Indian women hockey team created history by defeating Australia in the Tokyo Olympics. The match between both the team was remarkable and the competency of the Indian hockey team shows the result. India will play Argentina in the historic semi-finals on 4 August. They were up against three-times Olympic gold medallist, a very strong team. They scored a goal in the 22nd minute of the game, in the second quarter and never gave away the lead from there. Australia tried hard and hard but was just denied by Indian women.

The fourth quarter of the match between India and Australia was so thrilling. Both the teams gave their everything. Australia got as many as 6 penalties in 2 minutes only to be denied of goal each time by the solid defense of India. It’s truly an incredible moment to cherish. Twitter and other social media websites got flooded with posts people relating today’s win with their silver screen memory of the film “Chak de! India!”. This is no doubt, it was a historic day for sports in India. But, moreover, this was an eye-opener for those people who believe that women belong to the kitchen.

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