China is Looking to See a Potential Trade Agreement Between India and the United States

Modi has taken a place in Trump’s political campaign video to win the hearts of expatriate Indians in the US election campaign. Republicans are begging for votes by showing Trump’s friendship with Modi. On the other hand, in that situation, the US-China conflict is also escalating.

Trade situation and India-China-US relations:

It is worth noting that China-US relations have begun to deteriorate despite trade gains. The trade war that started between the two countries is now moving towards politics. But that politics has an impact on their trade relations. In such a situation, the US is supposed to have a big trade agreement with India. This is going to be possible in a few days if we can bridge a few small differences.

Meanwhile, the United States has struck a trade deal with the European Union. The agreement reached between the two sides before the US election has put the Trump administration in a better position. The Trump administration then focused on trade deals with India. As Trump’s campaign mileage increases, it will impact on the international stage.

What are the benefits of India?

In the case of India, this advantage is a lot. It is believed that the issue of ‘tariff’ will also be resolved in trade between the two countries. Indian exporters are also expected to reap some benefits from the US Generalized System of Preferences. This is a big step in India’s trade in Asia in this Corona situation.

Trying to improve the situation:

Meanwhile, India has been in big trouble recently due to the Trump administration’s H1N1 visa policy. As a result, the trade situation between the two countries continues to deteriorate. It is expected that this can solve the problem after the forthcoming trade agreement.

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