Tribute to The Slain Teacher, The Controversial Cartoon of Charlie Hebdo is Being Shown in a Government Building in France

Charlie Hebdo’s controversial cartoon of Hazrat Mohammad is being shown on many floors across France. In this way, they are paying homage to teacher Samuel Patty, who was killed by Muslim militants for showing cartoons in class.

Tribute to the slain teacher

While taking classes on free speech, Samuel showed his students cartoons of Charlie Hebdo Muhammad. An 18-year-old Muslim student from Chechnya then beheaded him in broad daylight in broad daylight. The people of France have protested.

Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons are being shown on numerous floors. They are celebrating freedom of expression and conscience in this way.

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He said that those who are the enemies of democracy, those who use religion as a weapon of war, should not be weakened in any way.

The video mocks Christianity, Islam and Judaism. There are also pictures of the untimely dead Samuel.

French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the dead teacher on Wednesday evening local time. Then there is a silent procession in his memory. The father of one of Samuel’s former students launched an online hate campaign against him.

Two 14- to 15-year-olds were members of the group, and they paid for the teacher’s identity to be killed. They have also been charged with murder.

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