Twitch Watch Party Is Now Available For Creators Worldwide

    Twitch is more than just a spot to watch live game streams as it develops its website with more useful features. Last summer, the Amazon-owned company started exploring a new service titled “Watch Parties,” which helps users to display Amazon Prime Video creations on Twitch using their Amazon Prime membership. Twitch added Watch Parties to the largest online networks in the U.S. this year, providing additional support for over 70 Amazon Prime movies and TV shows at launch. Now, Twitch says that Watch Party feature is now open to creators around the world.


    Twitch streamers are also eligible to host the watch party with a Prime or Prime Video subscription in their area as part of the international roll out. Of course, if creators are thinking to broadcast a specific content to international public, they will have to find such content which is available worldwide. The titles are characterized by a “Broadly Available” mark which ensures that most Twitch Prime Subscribers can access their content. The functionality could be huge for Twitch even with all these limitations. For e.g., soccer supporters might take a break from Tottenham Hotspur, the FIFA and the Football managers. A film critic may in the meanwhile discuss a variety of films for his fans in real life

    While the content is being broadcasted to the users, the Twitch streamer’s camera will show on the media player over Chat so that the group can see how they react. Viewers who are watching the streaming content can support the broadcaster with features such as bits or channel subscriptions, which Twitch users might already know about. To start the Watch Party, a streamer must need to add the Watch Party Quick Action to the Stream Manger and connect their Amazon Prime profile with the Watch Party. You can pick a TV show or movie that you want to watch, go live whenever it’s time to play.

    The beginning comes amid when co-views have risen because of the pandemic of coronavirus. People who live under quarantines and lockdown zones can use this feature to talk with their families and friends together. In the early days of the U.S. pandemic, the Netflix Party plugin extension was viral and has since then introduced the co-seeing capabilities with major providers like Prime Video and Hulu.

    watch party twitch

    Twitch has found the popularity of non-gaming videos in the wake of the pandemic. For e.g., musicians have moved to Twitch for fans. Additional sections on the web have also been booming, including “Just Chatting”. Remember that Twitch Watch Party feature is not available only the Twitch mobile apps as of now. If you want to use it, then you either have to use the Twitch website or use the desktop app with Amazon Prime connection. Twitch says it is already focusing on making Watch Party open on mobile devices, which is something it plans to introduce in the coming months.

    This is how you can plan a Twitch Watch Party:

    1. First of all, open the Twitch app or website on your PC.
    2. Connect your Stream Manager to the Watch Party Quick Action.
    3. Link your Amazon Prime or Prime Video Account with Watch Parties.
    4. Simply select the content from Amazon Prime that you want to stream.
    5. At last, just click on the LIVE Stream button to start your Watch Party.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a creator, artist, or singer, you can take advantage of this feature to showcase your talent to the world. This feature will definitely help a lot of users to reach more people without advertising and paying a hefty amount for promotions. Millions of people got connected to the internet because of the COVID-19 and many schools, colleges, universities, etc. has asked their students to study from their home.

    This is definitely the right time for everyone to showcase their talent on the internet and Twitch has opened the gate for them. Millions of people are already using Twitch and by streaming premium and original content, more people will be able to attract fans. Stay tuned with us as we are going to post more about the Twitch Watch Party on this blog very soon.

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