Two person died at Alipore Zoo in Lockdown due to electrocution while putting up billboards

Two non-government workers killed in a lightning strike at the zoo while putting up billboards in lockdown.

Kolkata: A tragic accident at Alipore Zoo in Lockdown. Two people died due to electrocution. 1 more person in critical condition at the hospital.

It is learned that the accident took place while putting up billboards inside the zoo. A private advertising agency was given the responsibility of putting up the billboards. The deceased have been identified as two employees of the advertising agency.

It is learned that the incident took place around 11:30 am opposite the elephant enclosure. About 15 people were inside when the incident happened. A zoo official said both died at the scene.

However, the question arises, how the private sector was working in government places on the day of the lockdown? With whose permission did they enter? These are the questions that are circulating now.

Among the two dead persons, Pradeep Das, a resident of Bhadrak in Orissa but Here he lived in Chingrighata. Another Tarini Das is a resident of Kandi in Murshidabad. The injured was identified as Rintu Das. He is a resident of Bhadrak.

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