Unlock 4: Metros Can Resume; Schools, Colleges To Remain Closed

The Ministry of Home Affairs today announced new guidelines for the Unlock 4 plan in India. According to the guidelines, the lockdown will be extended to the country until September 30. However, the lockdown will only be strictly enforced in the content zone.

A statement from the Center said, “The new guidelines issued today are based on the feedback received from the States and Union Territories and have taken detailed consultations with the concerned Union Ministries and Offices.”

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States cannot impose local lockdown restrictions outside of content zones, and Metro-rail services will resume in a graded manner from September, the Center announced in Unlock 4’s guidelines, easing the Covid-19 restrictions and launching more activities at this stage of unlocking.

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Sports, recreation, religious, political activities, among other churches, will allow a ceiling of 100 people from September, the government said. However, the Center noted that the lock-down will continue to be strictly enforced in the content zones till September 30.

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Schools, colleges, education and coaching institutions will remain closed; States and Union Territories may allow 50% of teaching staff to come to schools for online education from 21 September. Students in standard ix-x will be able to go to school voluntarily with the written consent of the parents.

India Is On Stage 4 Unlocking: Know More About Unlock 4:

Within control zones, strict perimeter control will be maintained and only necessary activities will be allowed. Cinema halls, swimming pools, amusement parks, theaters and similar venues will remain closed. International air travel is also not allowed.

District authorities are advised to follow the guidelines to effectively break the discipline of virus infection. Strict controls will be enforced in these content zones and only necessary activities will be allowed.

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The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will appropriately issue the required standard operating procedures for senior school students, school staff and higher education students. Provision of face masks, social distance, heat scanning and hand wash or sanitizer may be held compulsorily.

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New cases in India are growing at an alarming rate and have shown no signs of slowing down. On an average, 69,558 new Covid-9 cases were found in India every day last week, topping the seven-day daily case recorded in the United States, while the number reached 69,330 in the week ended July 25. As of Friday, there were 76,139 new cases of Kovid-19 in India, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 3,458,186.

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