Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Models Are Made From Recycles Ocean Plastics

    Samsung plan to recycle fishing net and wastage plastic for making new Samsung Galaxy models in future. Samsung already lunched new idea ‘Galaxy for the Planet’ in 2021 August and the main motive of this idea is stay good and improves for environmental. According to announcement Samsung will collect the wastage of plastic and nets from sea bitch and recycle that wastage to Samsung upcoming Galaxy project.

    However still Samsung not official announce what’ll be the products are, but according to sources the recycle wastage product will be use in upcoming Galaxy S22 models in 2022.

    “Now and into the future, Samsung will incorporate repurposed ocean-bound plastics throughout our entire product lineup,” Samsung stated in the announcement, “starting with our new Galaxy devices that will be revealed on February 9th at Unpacked.”

    If Galaxy for the Plant will become successful project then in future the entire mobile package also not in plastic. This is the biggest steps by Samsung for the environment.

    However no details about what components this recycled material is being used for and how the product will made for mobiles pars are still unclear. The announcement also specifies that the ‘ocean plastics’ in question are sourced from areas within 50km (31 miles) of community shores that lack efficient waste management. However, it doesn’t state whether or not plastics from further out in the ocean will be collected.

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