US Memorial Day Honors Those Who Died For Serving Country

    The final Monday of May, in the United States is observed as Memorial Day, a day to remember the soldiers and civilians who have lost their lives during their service in the nation’s military.

    The year of Memorial Day, a federal holiday is observed on May 30, the day before Memorial Day.

    Financial markets are shut, and the president Joe Biden will attend an celebration on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.

    The Memorial Day Parade in Washington will return on Monday Constitution Avenue, after a two-year absence due the pandemic.

    Many Americans commemorate Day of the Dead by going to memorials for war, or visiting cemeteries and laying floral tributes on graves.

    In Washington motorcyclists are regularly a part in this Memorial Day observance. This year , the motorcyclists’ celebration is known as Rolling to Remember and has extended its purpose to increase awareness of the issue of suicide in veterans.

    Rolling to Remember said on its website that its “demonstration ride” Saturday in and around Washington was staged to “to raise awareness of the critical issues facing our nation’s veterans and demand action for the 82,000 service members missing, as well as raise awareness of the 22 veterans who die by suicide each day.”

    There are numerous picnics and family gatherings that take place on Memorial Day as it is widely accepted as the official start of summer across the United States.

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