USA Opens its Border After 20 Months Closer, 5 Things You Need to Know

After 20 Months USA will going to reopening its land and air borders to foreign visitors who’re fully vaccinated. The Covid19 wave is just going down in USA and the things are going be normal. That’s the reason Joe Biden Government think to decide to unlock its land and air borders to foreign visitors fully vaccinated against COVID-19. However there are some rule and restriction that you must full fill before going in US.

Who’re eligible for Visit USA? The US Government gives premise 30 Countries tourist. The tourist for those countries must be Covid19 vaccinated with two doses. The proof related vaccinated will be check by US airport authorities and the documents must be in English. Along with all the tourist must bring negative RTPCR covid19 test.

Children under 18 travelling with vaccinated adults are exempt from the vaccination requirement.

The United States is largely wide open, although there’re some states and local restrictions that still apply.

 There are mask mandates in state Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Washington, DC and Puerto Rico also require masks in indoor public spaces.

The rule and regulation is live from this Monday and the Covid 19 test report not older than 3 days from travelling.

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