Vikas Singh Responded To The New Report By Saying That The ED Had Not Found “Anything Suspicious or Irregular” In The Actor’s SSR Financial Situation

Attorney Vikas Singh, on behalf of Sushant Singh Rajput’s father, commented on the recent developments in the financial corner of the actor’s death case. Sushant was sentenced to death by Bombay police on June 14. His father, with the support of the family, accused Sushant’s girlfriend, Reya Chakraborty, of committing suicide and misappropriating funds.

Rhea is being investigated by three central agencies, the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Drug Control, and the Department of Enforcement, and was released from prison this week after spending nearly a month in prison on drug-related charges.

“There is no evidence that Rhea’s account was over-traded, and Sushant’s family is unaware of her finances,” Vias Singh told the Bombay Mirror. Because the family never interfered in or tried to control his finances. The ED is being investigated and the results of the investigation will be determined once the investigation is completed. “We have shared our concerns with the investigating agencies and asked to see if part of its funding went to the defendant,” he said. Her contractor account has been changed and one of her sisters, Priyanka, has passed away. ”

Mirror quoted an ED source as saying: “So far the ED investigation has not found any suspicious or irregularities in [Rajput’s] finances, including his bank accounts, finances, and other financial activities. The investigation is still ongoing. “When asked by the family about Sushant’s account’s removal of Rs 15 crore, sources said: “They seem to have some misconceptions. (Rajput’s) the family did not know about his finances and how he conducted his financial activities. For example, he paid taxes, including taxes, through his contractor’s accountants, and of course, the family didn’t know that. ”

Rhea’s lawyer, Satish Maneshinde, denied the allegations. “There is no transfer of funds or funds between Sushant’s bank account and Rhea or her family. Rhea has nothing to do with Sushant. He did not control or associate himself with Sushant’s economy. ”

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