[LIVE] Watch iPhone 13 Launch: 14 September 2021 Apple Event

Apple is user-friendly, and Apple users like that they can be connected across many devices. Conveniently, you can get on my computer and take a call, facetime, text. people like that it is easy to use anyone can get on an Apple device and start working on it. Comparing the two biggest smartphones brands in the world is obscure and worthless. Both Samsung and Apple are doing their best to reach their customers. Tech experts believe that Apple is not going to kill off Samsung yet they are in competition and they are making it fun to see who comes out with the next new thing. According to rumors the next line of iPhone, however they’re called, are on track for a September 2021 release so that would be introduced on Tuesday (14th) in September, reorders open on Friday, phones are out two weeks after that.

Looking at the trends for the last 3 iPhone models they will come up with three variants to address the developing and developed markets around the world. Prices in INR should start from 75,000 and easily go up to 1.25L. The latest addition in the iPhone series is going to launch just after few moments. In few minutes apple will come live and launch the Apple iPhone 13. The time of the launch is 10.30 PM IST. Apple had already confirmed that the live launch event will take place in September 2021 and it will going to be launch virtually owing to the covid-19 pandemic. The latest addition in the iPhone series will open the gates of a new business module for apple in India. It has prospected that the new line-up may also get manufactured in India.

Watch Apple Event

Is it worth this is a question that you can answer looking at your pride in owning an Apple product and the depth of your pockets? Apple is assembling iPhones in India. And it’s not a new thing. An iPhone assembled in India means that Apple is still sourcing all the components from various parts of the world. These components are again made in several other countries. Simply put, Apple gets all its components from various sources to India and then the iPhone is assembled and not made in India. Yes, it is worth waiting for the iPhone 13 unless you don’t get a good deal on an iPhone 12. The launch event can be watched on YouTube or from the official website of apple. The launch event of the Apple iPhone 13 will began at 10.00 am (Pacific time) or 10.30 pm IST. Apple users can watch the live event on their apple devices via apple TV or Safari browser.

It is believed that the base variants of the Apple iPhone 13 will cost somewhere around Rs. 79,000. The pro model of the Apple iPhone 13 will be available to buy at a price of Rs. 1,19,000 for the base storage variant. The iPhone 13 mini can cost somewhere around Rs 69,900 and the Apple iPhone pro max can be available to buy at a price of Rs 1,29,900. The latest iPhone 13 is going to launch on 14th September. But owing to the coronavirus pandemic, it won’t be a good move to attend the live event. Fans can head to YouTube and search for the Apple launch event, it will most probably be the first result. If you want to be ahead of the Youtube stream by few minutes, head to Apple and there it will on the front page with an option to watch the event. The latest slogan of the new Apple iPhone 13 is circulating on the internet.

Watch iPhone 13 Launch

It says end of Android or Samsung, although it can be clickbait these videos have millions of views. The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is quite old and it is persisting. Apple usually sells its brand value to the customers and there is no denying the fact that Android smartphones are far ahead of apple to some extent. Unless Apple delivers what other manufactures are giving buyers when buying an android phone like a charger 90-hertz display, usb/c, jack stick, expendable storage Apple has to sell their goods overrated and they are good at it. The apple ecosystem is super desirable. The new Apple iPhone 13 models will be available in several color options. These color options are black, blue, purple, pink, white, and PRODUCT (red). While the pro models will be available in black, silver, gold, and bronze.

Shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart will also stream the launch of the Apple iPhone 13. Apple is now the one playing catch-up. Apple users are usually fans of tech or mildly know of their existence and android users seem to be people who just want a phone and if you look at features android is where it is at but if you like the luxury Apple is where people seem to go. The thing is you can’t be as creative with an iPhone, especially in hardware customization. You can do more on Android at 120htz refresh than iPhone with a max of 60. The iPhones run smoothly they have good portrait mode but that’s all they have. The only thing better is portrait mode on cameras. The iPhone 13 will be more of the same (that includes more money from you). A soft-spoken marketing video to entice designed to make you feel good will no doubt be a major part of iPhone 13, but at the end of the day, the phone can not carry the sandals of the Fold 3 or Flip 3.

It doesn’t matter what iPhone 13 will have or how it will look, fans and enthusiasts will buy it. People who love a product, and had the money, especially. Hype among fans of the Apple iPhone is real and people are eagerly waiting for the launch of the latest series of iPhone. The iPhone 13, people who want an iPhone will get an iPhone. The iPhone « 13 » will sell mostly to people coming from an XR or 11. Most people just stick to a brand, and Apple is still a hugely popular brand. We don’t believe users move in thousands from one to the other anymore, it would take something really dramatic like a huge privacy controversy, or a major design flaw for the iPhone 13 to drive coming from iOS to the competition. Apart from the physical chassis, there would be many changes in the line-up.

  • The notch will be shorter this time with a smaller and improved version of the FaceID sensor.
  • The refresh rate would go up to 120 Hz for smoother output (This may stick only to the Pro Models).
  • The battery backup would eventually increase, as Apple is planning to fit a bigger battery.
  • With the Apple A15 chipset, this would surely give a longer screen time than the iPhone 12 by around 2–3 hours.
  • 5G would be efficient, thus consuming less power and would be faster at the same time.
  • Touch ID in addition to FaceID would be coming along. This may either be an under-display one or embedded on the lock button.
  • Some tweaks in the camera sensors, resulting in brighter, sharper images.
  • The only difference is the size and the camera size those on the 13 pro max look bigger.

Watch iPhone 13 Launch 14 September 2021 Apple Event

They simply adjusted the look of the cameras and size ratio so the iPhone 12 cases won’t fit. Apple 13, a good marketing tactic at its finest. Apple once used to sell overpriced phones with bad hardware and features. Apple is still overpriced, but its equivalent Galaxy Note and S-series have also become overpriced and that without providing the performance of Apple’s SoC. Apple has also caught up with and exceeded Samsung in the photo, video, and microphone quality. Overpriced Apple is now sounding better than overpriced Samsung with its disaster Exynos SoC. With Samsung going to the mass market with flexibles, you will find that it’s Apple following Android design trends next year, not the other way around. You can re-dress the iPhone all you want but it will still look dated this winter. While there are a lot of people who believe that Android has a ton more to offer especially with 120hz displays.

It makes iPhone seem years behind. iOS is simple to use and a well-optimized OS but you just can’t beat the functionality of android. Some will disagree but hey that’s what opinions are for. While a lot of people believe that Apple is just adding and removing round corners on their phones for each time the change for the next line of product, somehow all the previous iPhone (from iPhone X to iPhone 12) have similar hardware up to a certain extent and have the pretty same functionality. Apple is restraining itself from pouring innovation in its iPhone series. It is like just changing new clothes every year. Tech experts believe that Samsung & Apple need to watch out for Chinese mobile manufacturers, who are already aggressive in low and medium markets and now started to enter the high-end market. Apple needs Samsung much more than Samsung needs Apple.

Watch 14 September 2021 Apple Event

In recent years Apple has abstained from innovating its smartphones. Respect for what Steve managed to do to the development drive. But Apple has never found a replacement for him. Android is not going anywhere, it, and lightweight Linux, powers most gadgets around the world. People that like to show off, might be inclined to do so, as in any other product. Sometimes people with money have in their best interest (to get more money), they need to show they are successful and wealthy, just to gain trust for more new deals and more incomes. This might not be the case for most people, just some.

Although the launch of the new Apple iPhone will be beneficial for those people who are looking to buy iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. The launch of the Apple iPhone 13 will drop the iPhone 12 price by a 100$ and it will remain in the line-up. That’s what they did with the iPhone XR when the iPhone 11 came out, and what they did with the iPhone 11 when the iPhone 12 came out. The Pro models are more likely to get their price slashed from vendors as these are usually discontinued by Apple so you see deals on remaining stock for a while.

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