West Bengal Just Enter Third Wave of Covid19: Warn Expert

West Bengal is just enter the 3rd wave and according to expert west Bengal reaching highest numbers of cases in the second week of January.

The New Year is begun with another pandemic, the third wave of covid due to new variant Omicron is spreading like fire. The omicron variant is first recognizing by South Africa and WHO confirm the news. The new variant of covid Omicron is more contagious than the previous delta variant.


“If you see the surge in the last five days, it’s evident that the third wave is already here in West Bengal. It’s also there in other metros like New Delhi and Mumbai. Cases in our state, especially in Kolkata have gone up by 12 fold. Every third person coming for a test is testing positive for the disease, “Dr Anima Halder principal of state-run Infectious Diseases and Beliaghata General (ID&BG) Hospital told news agency PTI.

WHO already warns that this variant is the variant of concern? But the new variant is not very savior. The hospitalize rate is very low. There is a huge spike of daily case observe in South Africa and USA, Russia and UK also. The red alert is for India also the 3rd wave is just knocking the door.

West Bengal has at the time 14 omicron cases but according to study the case will rise very soon and stable upto February 2022.

Dr Sanjib Bandyopadhyay, Associate Professor of Burdwan Medical College, who has been handling Covid-19 cases since its outbreak, said, “The infections that we see at the moment is not a result of the congregation we witnessed on December 24-25 and and on New Year’s eve, that will come in the next few days.”

“As of now, going by the last few weeks’ happenings, it seems that the graph will continue to rise,” he added. Dr Bandyopadhyay, however, also said that if the ongoing restrictions are continued, a flattening of the curve “may soon be seen.”

“We were very well placed even in the first two weeks of December, but the complacent attitude of common people which was compounded by a lack of vision on the part of the authorities saw the situation deteriorating,” he told PTI.

“We saw policemen pleading with people to wear masks. That’s shocking. A stricter approach could have saved us from this,” Dr Bandyopadhyay added.

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