WhatsApp Could Soon Let Users Appeal For Their Banned Account

    Whatsapp is one of biggest private message delivering platform by Meta. Whatsapp provide lots of privacy trams and condition for use its service. If anyone violates any of the Whatsapp term and condition then Whatsapp ban those users ban users never reapply for remove ban by Whatsapp.

    But from now Whatsapp introduce new feature, now you can apply for Whatsapp account which was ban for any reason and there is chance for remove ban from Whtsapp account.

    Whatsapp Update comes via WABetainfo which is come across new feature on the Whatsapp beta feature for Android and iOS users and with this features you can reapply for remove ban. If whatsapp by mystically ban your whtsapp account then the appeal will come as a relief to the user and their account will be activated once again.

    Whatsapp beta now experiment with lots of new features with beta version. And its hope that those new feature are useful for new users. Whatsapp is mix of machine learning and user reports to act on some accounts for detect unseal activity in whatsapp. So many times some accounts are ban without any legal reason. That’s why Whatsapp going to lunching this feature in real WhatsApp app.

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