WhatsApp Multi-Device Compatibility Feature Now Avaiable On iOS Devices

    We all know about the famous messaging app that was started perfectly around 11 years ago. It was August 2010 when it was launched and by 2016, there were about a billion downloads and more than 2 billion people use the app every day. That’s about 30 percent of the entire population on earth. Since its start, it was a simple messaging app that had emojis and many other things that would be very comfortable to use. With zero ads and simple features, it won the hearts of billions and you can find the app almost everywhere in the world. Starting with stickers, the app renovated and updated itself all the time. It started with a simple feature of messaging and calling which later changed to video calls too. The gif was also included and the app became famous for its new features. But, there was a major catch.

    You could not log in with the same account anywhere else on any other device. Although this was a hassle for most people, the company ignored this complaint for years. Then came a surprising update where you could use the simple messaging app on your computer too. It could work as long as you have your phone. Just a few years ago, the app also included stories that were called statuses where people can share their feelings and photos with everyone on their contact list. Although this inclusion made the app more technologically advanced and plus its design just got so much better, I really hate this feature of statuses which people just use for uploading music videos and sending birthday wishes. Well, everyone has their own taste and a majority of them liked this feature and applauded the app to keep it going up with the recent trends.

    WhatsApp Multi-Device iOS

    Just like that, there were many features that were released by WhatsApp which had a huge impact on its performance. Also, how can I forget the end to end encryption? This was the most important and the most appreciated feature that was ever released on any messaging app. The small yellow box that you see above any new chat that your messages have end to end encryption means that you can send anything via the internet and no one, literally no one, not even the employees at WhatsApp would know what is inside the message and only the person at the receiving end could read the same. Thus, WhatsApp has always kept itself updated and renovated to make sure that it upholds the position it has in people’s lives. Many people don’t even use the internet that much rather than WhatsApp. It is said that about 400 million messages are sent every minute on WhatsApp.

    And, these messages are seamlessly transferred to the person you want to send and it’s the perfect app. Many apps have tried to mimic certain features but no other app could win the hearts of billions of people like WhatsApp has done. Surprisingly, although the feud between Android and Apple exist all the time and the animosity between the two is shown in the technological advances that these two operating systems provide, WhatsApp is loved on both the platforms and people use them more often than their own text message and iMessage software. Although iMessage does compete a lot with WhatsApp, it still cannot match the level WhatsApp has. As mentioned before, WhatsApp has kept renovating and updating the app since its launch and a new update has come which has made WhatsApp even smoother to use.

    WhatsApp Multi-Device Compatibility

    Let us discuss in detail as to what are the changes made within the app. Firstly, the name of this new program launched is called a multi-device function. Now we know that WhatsApp has had many issues in the past with respect to multi-device login and if you tried to log in from another device via the same account, the app would automatically close and shut down from the previous device. This has been a hassle for people that use two phones and want the same app with the same thing on both devices. To resolve this problem, WhatsApp had launched a new update which was WhatsApp web. The update with the release of WhatsApp web was by far the best thing WhatsApp has ever done with respect to multi-device login. The update made WhatsApp usable on our PC and Mac which was applauded by many users.

    There was a simple application on the phone which was known as WhatsApp web which required you to use WhatsApp by scanning a particular bar code. You didn’t even need the other device’s assistance and you could use the same app on a different device. The same applied to PCs because you could use the app without any problems on your computer. There was a separate app for the computer version but the update was basically the same thing. You would have to install the app which had a barcode that you would have to scan. The scanner existed in the app which is installed on your phone. There was a separate function known as WhatsApp web which would open a scanner and then guide you with the process ahead. The new update which has happened on Whatsapp has changed the way the app uses multi-device login.

    How To Use WhatsApp Multi-Device Compatibility Feature

    Although it is quite the same thing, the ease of usability has increased. But, the update has not yet been released officially and it’s just an opt-in program. This means that its beta version has been released and it’s your choice if you want to join the new program. This new feature gives you far better access to WhatsApp Messenger on Web, desktop and portal versions of the same app. The main feature regarding the app is that you could use the app on any of your devices which you have applied for the WhatsApp version without the need of having your phone constantly with you all the time. You don’t even need to have an internet connection. Priorly, without the internet, you would have to turn your internet on and keep it on while you use your WhatsApp on your other device.

    Although this is just a small update for some people, it would boost the productivity of many who need to constantly keep their data on while working on the laptop. This could mean being free of any distractions from other apps and the need to constantly monitor your phone and read all the notifications while working would be gone. And your messages won’t be in trouble too as the end to end encryption would still be working. With regards to the update, let me clarify one thing. You cannot connect to WhatsApp and keep it logged in on all the devices you want to. You still need to have your phone logged in into WhatsApp all the time regardless of the internet, but still logged in so that your data would be stored. Otherwise, it would be gone and you won’t be able to use the same.

    WhatsApp Multi-Device Compatibility iOS

    Also, with this update, you can use WhatsApp on four different devices which is quite good with regards to its prior versions. And, if you are thinking about using WhatsApp on your laptop while making an account on your phone and throwing it out or deleting the app and not the account, it would still result in the same thing. This is because all accounts which are not logged in for more than 14 days via the phone where the original app works are tagged as stagnant accounts. Stagnant accounts don’t work with respect to the web version so you need to check your phone and login to WhatsApp at least after every 14 days. Well, that might not be an issue as we won’t have a laptop all the time. Also, the update would rock for Apple users because productivity is the key thing for people who use Apple.

    However, there is no discrimination from the messenger company regarding the operating systems as both Apple and Android users can use this multi-device login system. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about any of your devices even if it is on your smartwatch. This is by far the most crucial feature with respect to this update as there were rumours claiming that the update would only be for Apple and Mac users. Also, even if you have a business account on WhatsApp business, you can use this update. As I mentioned before, the update is not official and it is still in the developmental stage but you can use the same by downloading the beta feature. Moreover, this update is currently limited to only a limited number of countries and you should check the official website for the names of those countries.

    WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature

    Also, there was a strange rumour with respect to the update that you can check the live location of all your devices that are connected to the same WhatsApp. This is something that is really absurd because there hasn’t been any feature in this app since it has started and the messaging app’s company has already confirmed that it isn’t true.

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