WhatsApp New Features: Community Home & Group Admins Control May Soon Be Available

    The most download social messaging app in the world is WhatsApp and its popularity and reach are increasing day by day. This app is used for fast communication via messaging. There are many features that we like to use, like stickers, and as we like to share memes and other things with our friends, we like the status giving feature, and even we can share our location via WhatsApp. But the app needs updates from time to time and the developers always release vital updates which seems to be worth applauding. In this article, we will talk about one such update which has been speculated to be available on the beta version of WhatsApp. So, let us proceed to know about it in absolute detail.     However, as per reports with the WhatsApp community feature users will get an option to create a new Group or link up to 10 groups together.

    According to the reports available about this feature, it will allow admins to manage and share messages to all linked groups. It has also been observed that when a user joins a community, they are not able to see the groups in which they get unlinked. The users are also not able to access or view the group after leaving the community. We suggest the WhatsApp group will be the same which is even existing now, but WhatsApp Community will be like a broadcast messaging place where only admins / some selected users can send their message to many users, more like a broadcast messenger. WhatsApp came across this idea because of the two main reasons, one being as they have the concept of the business account, so the business owners can send a broadcast message in their community and all users will be notified, the second being, the limitation of users in a group, which is only 257, so if there are more users needs to be added another group needs to be created.

    New WhatsApp Features 2022

    The community concept is already being used in Telegram App and is useful. Especially if you have a huge study circle, and need to share some books or notes, just sharing in the community group can be helpful. For the time being, the testing programs are full for new users and only the assigned users can be able to download and test the new features of WhatsApp. You can download the Beta version of WhatsApp from another platform if you are assigned to the beta tester program. But you will have to keep track of the upcoming updates on the particular website to get the recently updated app. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with millions of downloads and thus, Facebook is set to add more updates to the app after buying the company several months ago. Multiple updates appear to have surfaced with the claims that these features were inspired by the Slack messaging app.

    The recent one is ‘group catch up’ which provides the users a shortcut to automatically direct them to the messages in a group where they were replied to or mentioned. It is accessible by pressing the ‘@’ button at the bottom right of your group chat window. This feature seems similar to the ‘show activity feature’ seen on Slack and aims to save the user’s time which would be previously wasted in reading the unread group thread and scrolling up for a possibility of them being mentioned. This feature is already present on the Slack app. While a lot of people also asked for an update in the WhatsApp group after the community feature on the beta version. The demand of the masses to have an option to permanently mute WhatsApp groups but we don’t think this update will be available anytime sooner.

    WhatsApp New Features 2022

    We think performance may be the reason, let’s think there is an option to mute a group permanently. You want to mute this group permanently whose members always send some spam messages and a lot of videos. You have muted the group and forgot about it in due course of time. Now after two years all the messages and videos got accumulated in your phone and increase App data, backup data which will affect the performance of your phone. The new feature of the WhatsApp “community home” is in the phase of development and some insiders have revealed details about it. This new feature of WhatsApp will help the admin of certain groups and they can easily put groups in a particular community according to their usage.

    However, the change hasn’t been made available for the general public and we will have to wait for some time to get it on our smartphones. Although, the beta version of this new feature is probably available on WhatsApp and many of the beta users have noticed a WhatsApp community feature in their app. This new feature will be too much help in the long run and it will help the user to organize different groups under one roof and it will also make the user experience more feasible. As per the report of the WhatsApp beta tracker (WABetaInfo), the new beta version of WhatsApp seems to be coming with a community home feature but the complete update of the community home is not available for Beta users.

    WhatsApp Group Admin Feature

    A reference of the Community home feature has been observed in the Beta version of WhatsApp and that is why most of the people didn’t able to observe this new feature even though it was made available. On the other hand, a screenshot is being circulated on the internet, and from the picture, it has been noted that the community home section is mentioned at the top of WhatsApp and under which multiple groups can be seen. The new screenshot is the vital reference that speculates that the new beta update will come with a community home feature and it will be a very helpful tool for Group admins. Especially those admins who have to manage multiple WhatsApp groups. While the users will have the option to manage the groups with the help of community homes, they can also have the option to edit a particular community from the particular section.

    All this data and information has been derived from the screenshot and there may be some more features available in the community home update. Let’s see how this will be implemented and how well it keeps. One thing is sure that Telegram is way more advanced than WhatsApp and if someone is thinking of taking help of such free apps for their business. Extensive and exact information about the WhatsApp community update is not available for the time being and developers of the app haven’t disclosed anything about the community home feature. But according to the inside sources, the new community home feature of WhatsApp is in the development phase and it will be soon available for Android as well as iOS users in near future. The report claims that WhatsApp developers started working on the community home feature in November 2021.

    WhatsApp Community Feature

    This add-up will be primarily designed to give more control to the admins over their WhatsApp groups. Although the new community feature will not be a workplace where group conversation can be held, it is more like a controller of different groups which fall under the same community. Apart from that, WhatsApp has also launched two new localization features in the beta version and these are referred to as new languages update in the app. The two new localizations are Amharic (an Afro-Asiatic language) and Somali (the official language of Somalia, Somaliland, and Ethiopia). As for now, WhatsApp has more than 40 languages after the two new localization add-ups. It is required for WhatsApp developers to come up with more and more reliable updates in the app.

    There is an urgent need for an innovative update in WhatsApp but the developers are still far behind the conventional approach and ignoring the demand of the masses. While the most awaited update people want in WhatsApp is the transfer of data from iPhone to Android and vice versa. Hoping that the transfer chats feature to come soon in android too so that we can take our previous chats to our iPhone. Earlier the most soughed update of WhatsApp was the “delete of everyone” feature and it was widely accepted all over the world. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg recently declared this.

    WhatsApp Upcoming Features

    As a result, from now on, 24 hours of causing any message, it will be deleted mechanically. The new community home feature seems to be worth appraising because it will bring more transparent and absolute control over the different WhatsApp groups and it will also help the group admins to manage every group with total precision. For the time being, there is information available about the availability of this feature on conventional WhatsApp messenger. We hope that in a few months it will available for all the non-beta users also.

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