WhatsApp Will Soon Let Users Search For Nearby Hotels, Groceries, & Businesses

    Earlier people had to suffer a lot owing to the weak privacy of WhatsApp and any user could keep an eye on you. You’d have to ask for their phone number as it’s the only way users are identified on WhatsApp. Sadly, the app doesn’t offer any options like searching by username or something like Telegram’s People Nearby thing or Briar’s Bluetooth connection. WhatsApp web was not dependent on nearby. Once, you can WhatsApp QR code on your PC then you can keep your phone anywhere, the only requirement is to have the internet on PC and phone both. WhatsApp can access your phone’s address book and check if any of your contacts are also on WA. Then you can ring those people via WA, i.e. via data. FB or IG are known data-mining operations.

    Those companies have to sell advertising to finance their operations, so you cannot blame them. You don’t have to use their service if you so choose. Earlier, to get access to a nearby grocery store, you have to depend on Google maps or other nearby apps. It was a complicated task and you had to rely on the contact number of that particular grocery store. You have to use their website to place an order. If your grocer can accept orders through Instagram or WhatsApp, try searching in your app for the name of that grocery store and see what you get. In a society where people are getting locked in their homes more and more, for mental health or anxiety, etc, doing something like this is pretty scary. They will have no incentive to get out.

    WhatsApp New Search Features

    We are feeling that even for disabled people could be a way for them to experience things they can’t do, but this is the thing they are not doing them, it is just a simulation, and they could be less prone to get out of the house and meet people themselves. This is terrifying. WhatsApp is one of the most used and downloaded social messenger apps in the world. Developers of the app have rolled out a new update in the app and it will allow the users to search for a nearby business. The new update of WhatsApp has been the most awaited and it is also regarded as one of the most vital upgrades in social messenger. WhatsApp is owned by Meta (Earlier Facebook) and the nearby search facility will help the users to precisely opt for a nearby business without any hindrances. The new update is now limited to the beta tester of the app and it will help the user to easily look for the grocery store, medical store, electronic store, hotels, apparel, and clothing, etc.

    In other words, it will work as a bridge between the user and the businesses and precisely filter the search result. Although, this feature has already been in other social messenger apps and but not all social messenger apps have such a huge number of users like WhatsApp. The new update has been made available in Sao Paulo and the citizens of Sau Paulo are applauding it because it will make their life easier. WhatsApp’s nearby search feature is available for iOS as well as Android users. The developers of WABetaInfo have inferred that “When you search for something within WhatsApp, there will be a new section called ‘Businesses Nearby’: when you select the category, the results of business accounts will be filtered based on your choice,”. In the past few months, WhatsApp has already redesigned the interface of WhatsApp business and the new interface looks promising.

    WhatsApp Nearby Search

    The latest redesign in the WhatsApp business was introduced in WhatsApp beta (Update version and it is limited to iOS users for the time being. On the other hand, Meta has bought recently inducted a new privacy update in which the users will be secure from being observed. The Privacy feature is introduced to hinder unknown contacts from observing a user’s activities like last seen and online status. This feature has been introduced worldwide and is available for both Android and iOS users. WhatsApp has introduced some of the most sought features in its app in the last few years. The most useful feature was the extension of “delete for everyone” forever which would be more useful if the unsent text would vanish after deletion like in Instagram. WhatsApp needs to bring some vital changes to its app.

    WhatsApp needs to increase its video sending limit and to upgrade the picture sending quality. Because if we send a clear picture then it gets too bad, as in we can see the pixelated picture. Meta has already gained a lot of criticism owing to its metaverse technology and a lot of people are inferring that it will give control to the people. Absolute dependence on technology is always unsatisfying. The thing is, the new update will also bring a lot more users and the Meta will have control over more and more people. So in short, as always, the corporations are trying to monopolize an already existing space and make it out that they are the ones coming up with the idea. Just pulling it into one space where they have absolute control to their benefit. WhatsApp and Facebook have gone through some vital changes in the past few months and the biggest one is a change of name.

    WhatsApp Nearby Business Search

    Facebook Company is now known as Meta (Metaverse). Meta is making it out that they are coming up with something new and revolutionary, However, everything they have promised, pretty much already exists within the VR community. Except not controlled by some large Corporations. There are already games, tools, and systems, where you can meet people in user, create worlds (through just an invite) with user-created avatars (literally anything you want), where you can hang out, date, play games, work, do art, almost anything. You can already have a Hyper-realistic Avatar standing next to some Anime looking Avatar and represent yourself how you choose to. Meta has been pumping a lot of investment in the progression of Metaverse (A virtual reality world).  We can see how their funding can push the VR experience further and especially with the tech creating some amazing content, we cannot deny this.

    While the Quest 2 is already an incredibly cheap and accessible VR kit that competes with top-of-the-range kits. But we think we’ve all learned many times what happens and is happening when corporations take control of something and the effect ethically, morally, and psychologically.

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