WhatsApp 😃 Update Brings New Icons & Chat Features To Beta Version

With its timely patches and improvements, WhatsApp constantly surprises its users all around the world. Occasionally, a WhatsApp releases new functions that not  only customizes the look and feel of the current version of the app but also to make it easy to use. There is a range of chat apps leading the messaging system market, but WhatsApp has one of the biggest customer accounts because of its easy to use interface and useful features that are simple to understand by everyone.

As already reported, the chat application WhatsApp, operated by Facebook, has also introduced interactive stickers and QR codes on iOS, dark skin mode for both web and mobile, enhanced video calls, and missed status functionality for KaiOS users. Remember that some of these upgrades may have been beta checked and others might have already hit your device.

whatsapp new update

What Are The Updated Features In WhatsApp

Enhanced Search: Specific conversations on WhatsApp are now easier to find with the advanced search feature. The chat app launched a test preview earlier this month with its innovative iOS search functionality, and now there are more users and now this feature will be pushed to more users soon. The feature comes only to beta testers in Android right now. Advanced search in the global search option has been introduced too, so it doesn’t matter where you are from, if you are a ‘Beta Tester’ then you might have got this feature. Essentially, it helps you to locate a certain type of message such as GIF, text, photograph, documents and audio. When this function rolls out globally, anyone can conveniently and instantly search for a specific chat.

Mobile Animated Sticker: WhatsApp has introduced the animated sticker feature for iOS devices, however for Android users too, this can be predicted in a very short time. Such stickers are illustrated, as the name suggests. Chatting on WhatsApp would be more enjoyable.

QR App Codes: QR support is essential for iOS users and it is anticipated that it will come shortly to WhatsApp. Instead of phone numbers, you can share your QR code with this feature so other users can add you into their phone book. If you have got someone’s QR code, then you only need to scan that QR code to add a new contact in your device rather than tapping the numbers.

In the latest update, the camera shortcut is back, along with some upgrade of in-app icons as part of the new v2.20.198.9 roll-out. The upgrade is not anything different than the newly updated icons — which feel even more flatter. Even if you haven’t seen the camera shortcut back, all your calls, conversations, or group chats will be completely restored.

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