Windows 10 Coming With A New Start Menu As Per Rumors

Microsoft launched a modern iconography style with a bright, vivid theme for the Windows 10 earlier this year. Live Tiles will vanish in the background as part of the latest interface redesign, and new icons as compared to the existing monochrome style that we have will be in the front and center. We now have a more seamless Start Menu interface with the 20H2 upgrade edition of Windows 10.

In comparison to the current design of vibrant colors that don’t match with its Fluent Design Scheme, this change will add a fluent style for Start Menu. Presently, we have a Start Menu that does not suit the Fluent Interface Framework with wide colored squares (live tiles) and the dark or light Windows 10 style.

New Windows 10 Start Menu Design

In the new update, the colorful tiles have been replaced by transparent squares and classic rectangles, as can be seen from the above image. And if you do not care about the live tiles, the rest of the updates are still noticeable. The messy colored categories are gone and the latest update from Microsoft provides the Start menu with a beautifully organized interface. The improvements would also include improved support for system wide-lights and dark modes, Microsoft has confirmed it officially.

Fluent style icons are no more shaded by dominant accent colors for applications such as Edge, Films & TV, and Excel. The icon of each application peaks out and the layout is more structured, without the messy shades. Microsoft is searching for options to pop up the icons to balance Windows 10 ‘s theme preferences. Presently, Microsoft aims to keep adopting Live Tiles as of now, but Microsoft is slowly going to take away the Live Tiles, and that we know so far.

It is possible that the Start menu of Windows 10 will eventually look quite like the current “Launcher” menu of Windows 10X. Even though the old Start menu with the Windows 10X Launcher is functionally usable, Microsoft is not yet prepared to adopt the change. Microsoft is currently looking forward to the feedback of Windows 10X’s early users, but the company’s flexible OS can decide the Start Menu’s future.

Windows 10 New Start Menu Concept

The old appearance of the Windows 10 apps is simple, while the new apps will have a more modern design. These recent improvements which Microsoft is making in the Windows 10 are being compared to macOS Big Sur, which still uses rounded edges in the design, but due to its fluent layout, the Microsoft design can be more precise. Microsoft is also expected to enhance the functionality of the Start Menu and Action Center for PC devices. The latest Windows 10 preview update provides references to the Launch and Action Center of the ‘WinUI.’

WinUI is the latest Microsoft framework interface for Windows 10X and surface neo.  It is also open to developers and promotes the creation of innovative and smooth interfaces for developers that sound natural in all aspects. WinUI uses a fluid layout, including transparency, rounded edges, and more in order to create a dynamic look for Windows. This latest, rounded GUI design is still very much in the testing stage, so we don’t know whether and when the Start Menu update will be fully introduced in Windows 10.

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