Work Was Hanging For 12 Years! For the Officers Who are Late, Their Pictures Should Be Hung: Nitin Gadkari

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has again lashed out at government officials for negligence. Dissatisfied with the undue delay in the construction of the national highway, Gadkari said that for the officials whose work has been delayed for 12 years, their pictures should also be hung in government buildings for 12 years.

Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari inaugurated a multi-storey building of the National Roads Authority through video conference yesterday. Then he said, for the officers who are late for work, their pictures should be hung on this multi-storey building.

In his words, reform in the NHAI is urgent. Without naming the officers who were accused of not working, he said non-performing assets should be shown the way out.

They cause confusion and obstruction in work. Referring to the multi-stair building, Gadkari said the Rs 50 crore project was undertaken in 2008, tenders were called in 2011 and the work was completed 9 years later.

Apparently, the angry minister said that the NHAI is full of useless, useless and corrupt people. Their power is so great that they deliberately make wrong decisions even after being instructed by the ministry.

It’s time to dump corrupted officer and move on. Those who are honest should be supported, otherwise they will not be able to function properly.

Strong construction completed within the stipulated time can help India achieve its goals, Gadkari said. However, he said that the biggest problem in the case of new constructions is getting environmental clearance.

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