World Food Programme Awarded 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for Fight Against ‘Hunger as a Weapon of War’

Recognition of the fight against hunger since 1961. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize World Food Program. The agency is working to combat hunger and ensure food security around the world.

World Food Programme

Brett Reiss-Anderson, head of the Nobel Committee, announced in Oslo that the World Food Program would be awarded the 2020 Peace Prize.

The Nobel Prize was awarded a gold medal and one crore Swedish kronor (approx Rs. 8.27 crore). The prize is named after the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel. Earlier, the winners of this year’s award were announced in a number of subjects including chemistry, physics and literature.

The United Nations Food Aid Branch is the World Food Program. The World Food Program is the world’s largest humanitarian organization working to combat hunger and food security.

With this award, Norway’s Nobel Committee is believed to have sought to draw the world’s attention to the millions of people who are suffering from hunger.

According to the official Twitter account on Friday afternoon, the World Food Program, in line with Alfred Nobel’s wishes, is contributing every day to the advancement of brotherhood in different countries.

The modern version of the World Food Program Peace Congress as the largest specialized agency in the United Nations. The Nobel Peace Prize is intended to spread this message.

The Nobel Prize Committee has mentioned some contributions to the World Food Program

– One of the goals of the United Nations’ sustainable development in 2015 was to get rid of hunger. The World Food Program is a major contributor to this goal.

– In 2019, the World Food Program has put food in the mouths of nearly 100 million people suffering from acute food crisis and hunger in 88 countries around the world.

– In the face of pandemic situation, the agency has the potential to make an impact in strengthening its efforts.

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