World’s Deepest Pool Opened In Dubai: See Stunning Photos & Videos

Dubai is a tourist city and its major revenue is coming from the Tourism sector, which might be the reason behind the unprecedented growth of Dubai in a very short time. The capital of UAE is primarily monikered as Asian Las Vegas, Although Dubai has already surpassed Las Vegas in terms of tourism and hospitality. Dubai’s main support of growth depends upon the development of its tourism sector, but the recent situation has been very harsh for this glittering city despite that Dubai’s continued on the path of growth. The recent pandemic has taken a toll all over the world. Not a single country has been spared by this pandemic. The tourism sector has been collapsed to the core and suffered the most. But Dubai has very strong laws in regards to the corona pandemic, like everywhere wearing Mask is must, gloves are also needed and there is a restriction for gatherings, etc.

The government of Dubai is taking very good care in regards to sanitization and cleanliness of the city. Restaurants and malls are maintaining proper protocol of hygiene. People, as well as the government, are cautious to follow all the measures to get protected from the pandemic. Dubai is something of an anomaly in the M East and also their diversification is intended to make up for oil after it has run out, not because it becomes worthless. The other backup plan for Dubai to grow perpetually in the future is by utilizing the tourism sector. The biggest users of oil are freight, passenger cars, shipping, and passenger aviation. Electric ships, planes, and viable heavy trucks aren’t just around the corner. At least 3 of these users are slated to use more oil over the coming decades. Passenger cars use around 25% of the world’s oil. Now, Dubai has added another feather in its cap.

World's Deepest Pool Dubai

The capital city of UAE now has the deepest swimming pool in the world. The swimming pool is the deepest in the world. The depth of the pool is somewhere around 196 feet (60 meters). The pool is built to attract the attention of visitors and travelers. The deepest pool is built as a part of Dubai tourism. Dubai has already been listed to the list of those cities which has the tallest building as the well biggest mall in the world. The official website of the deep dive pool gives a unique reference to the pool (“world-record breaking facility”).  Talking about the biggest swimming pool, the deep-diving swimming pool is primarily built for the Prince of UAE. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum will be the sole owner of the pool for the time being. There is no proper revelation came from the government about the opening of the pool for the general public and tourists.

It is one of the biggest pools built on a very vast area, it has been constructed on an area of 5000m2. The pool will facilitate for indoor scuba diving facility. It will also be used for recreational activities and training. The deep diving pool of Dubai has been listed in the Guinness book of world record owing to its depth. The architecture of the swimming pool is astonishing. There has been a lot of talk about the pool owing to its distinct architecture. The pool will feature an architectural design of a “sunken city”. The pool surprisingly looks like a city underwater with its ancient architectural design. The video footage of the deepest pool in the world was shared by the crown prince of UAE on his Twitter handle. He wrote in a tweet “An entire world awaits you at Deep Dive Dubai the world’s deepest pool, with a depth of 60 meters (196 feet)”.

The swimming pool has been given a view like it’s a submerged city. Inside the pool, you can see incredible architecture. Divers will get a glimpse of sunken libraries, trees, bathrooms, pathways, etc. The pool is more like a sunken museum. Deep dive Dubai, the managing company of the world’s deepest pool further stated that the swimming pool holds 14 million liters of fresh water. This amount of water is approximately equal to six Olympic-sized swimming pools. For divers, the temperature of the water will be maintained at 30 degrees Celsius by a thermostat machine installed at the various sections of the pool. Brand Dubai is thriving. Dubai also hosts major international events; Dubai is home to golf’s Desert Classic and tennis’ Dubai Open, the Dubai Film Festival, the Dubai World Cup, the richest horse race in the world.

There are many, many more. Next up, Expo 2020 – the first world’s fair in the Middle East and the first that will attract more visitors from outside the country than from within. UAE is just shy of 10 million people. Now the opening of a deep-diving pool will also pave the way for more and more tourism. The pool will be the perfect place for those divers who are professional in diving as well as those people who just get into the diving thing. Divers will have a chance to explore a themed sunken city in an area of 1500 square meters. The video shared by the prince of UAE garnered more than ten lakh likes and was viewed more than 37,000 times. People are reacting to the post in large numbers. The ancient sunken city design is the reason behind the hype of the pool all around the world. It looks a set of a fantasy movie but much more real than that.

World's Deepest Swimming Pool

The deep dive pool is built inside an oyster-design frame. It is expanded in over 1500-meter square of area. The vastness of the pool will fill the diver and explorers with immense joy. Inside the pool, divers will witness an abandoned city with apartments and buildings. The divers will also see a top-notch lighting system as well as a sound system to enjoy the music while exploring the pool thoroughly. The sound and lighting system of the deepest pool in the world will give a lifetime memory to the divers. After Dubai was featured for the first time on travel channels, Americans started to understand that the place I lived was much more than a desert outpost, but an amazing oasis of beaches, culture, shopping, events, outdoor adventures – a perfect vacation destination.

Americans were slow on this uptake while Europeans, Africans, Asians, and other Arab nations already frequented Dubai for holidays. Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) put a lot of creativity and money behind promoting itself, then and now #mydubai is being used as a prominent slogan for the promotion of tourism. Dubai was always the underdog in the peninsula now known as UAE. They were always engaged in trade and had no other means of living. The Maktoum family which is the current ruling family came into power in 1823. They had to deal with an outbreak of smallpox and a fire that burnt the whole city. The Emirate of Dubai has no oilfields onshore and the only oil field offshore was a small capacity find called Fateh.

All these factors perhaps led Emir Maktoum to look forward to trade and commerce to keep their country going. Oil, aviation, construction, service, engineering, computer science, defense, electricity, infrastructure, entertainment, sports. Many industries stem from tourism just in a country like UAE. The book “Play a game called civilization” by Sid Meyers states the propagation to gain more understanding of how an empire is built. The tourism industry has a very good Opportunity in the future too, the Govt is doing all that can to bring in more Tourist. It can be a good mode of business in the future if handles perfectly. Asian Tourists’ first choice of holiday destination is Dubai. If the tourism sector of a country proliferates then the country will also grow with it.

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