WWE Payback 2020 Results: Roman Reigns Is The New Universal Champion

The ring burst, arguments broke out and a father-son pair dominated the WWE Payback 2020 battle. Once again Roman Reigns stemped up his influence, but it was in question that Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman were proclaimed the current Global Champion. Seth Rollins & Murphy got the best out of a battle with Rey Mysterio as well as his son Dominik when Keith Lee opened a completely new story of the WWE, prevailing over legendary Randy Orton.

The fight begun by Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, who fought a gory fight and “The Fiend” took out a huge briefcase from under the ring and targeted Braun Strowman. After this ring was destroyed in a large superplex by ‘The Fiend.’The three-fold battle began but Roman Reign also had to join. He eventually joined but after two of his rivals were lying on the ring floor. Before pinning Braun Strowman to get his Universal Champion tag, Roam Reigns played a little bit with both of them.

wwe payback 2020

Roman Reigns had a tremendous advantage in the middle of the game. He used even a minor blow to make things his way, and formed himself effectively as a heel. Finally, Braun Strowman took the pin, and just one week after his arrival, Roman Reigns became the Universal Champion.

Keith Lee vs Randy Orton

The Viper’s attempt to conduct RKO was also ruined by the legend of WWE, Randy Orton and former NXT Champions Keith Lee.  Randy Orton fans’ highly awaited match finished surprisingly early. The result would ensure an improvement in the status of Keith Lee. Lee can definitely be watched closely by the WWE World.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy

At WWE Payback 2020, the father and son pairing had a fantastic night. In the centre were Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik who had grievances at the beginning of the match against Seth Rollins and Murphy. At the right moment during the battle, Mysterio and Dominik gave the tags. The Mysterio tagged Dominik for a 619 in the final minutes, and Murphy was hit. In the meanwhile Mysterio slipped from the ring and tossed Rollin into the barrier.

Together with Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns enjoyed his title claim, and it is exciting to see if these changes in his narrative would affect him.

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