WWE Superstar The Undertaker Decided to Take His Retirement In Final Chapter of His Documentary #TheLastRide

The Undertaker, the legendary WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) wrestler finally announces his retirement at last Sunday night. In the last night of 21st June in the final chapter of “TheLastRide” is release. The 55th year wrestler finally decided to never back again in the ring. Definitely it’s heart breaking news of all WWE lovers and especially for Undertaker’s fan.

The Undertaker

 The Undertaker

Mark William Calaway who is known as Undertaker was born in 24th March of 1965 at Houston in Texas (USA). The 6” 10’ tall man started hir carrier in 1987. He ruled more than thirty years in the wrestling world.  Undertaker is the only wrestler who win 7th times world heavyweight champion (WWE Championship 4th times and world heavyweight champion 3rd times). Since today he is the one of the all time greatest wrestler.

In the last night the conversation between Undertaker and AJStyles, Undertaker said about “I Just, I don’t have any aspiration of getting back in the ring”.

Undertaker successfully enjoys hir long journey of wrestling and he think that this is the perfect time to take hir retirement.’ Now the time is changed now the time to give chance to the new talent’ Said  Mark William.

He also thank to hir documentary “TheLastRide” which help to change hir perspectives about hor life and help to take brave decision on hir life”

“I’m admitted my position, but I can do better job outside the ring” said Undertaker.

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