Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Available On PC & Mobile Via Browser

    “Cloud gaming” refers to games where you have an account with a certain company, and you purchase games from that account, then have permanent access to downloading and re-downloading the games you have deleted from your local machine. Using my opinion of what “cloud gaming” means, I believe it actually is very huge, and pretty standard right now, beginning to replace CD-ROM games. Others might have different opinions that would be open to debate about how successful those are. The benefits of cloud gaming are uncountable, you can have access to your games wherever you are. Most current Xbox One games are now being migrated from Xbox Live to Windows Store. Gamers are noticing that there’s no real distinction of Xbox Live? That’s because the Xbox Live account is a Windows account, and the only distinction of Xbox Live there is through “Xbox Live Gold.”

    Behind the scenes, the service is called “Xbox Live,” but the actual store itself is being migrated into Windows’ store. You don’t notice it, but “Xbox Live” as a name and brand is gone. Now the era of cloud gaming is on the verge of inception and there is no denying the fact that cloud gaming is the prior future of games. Now the tech giant Microsoft has announced that its cloud gaming services will be fully available on iOS-based devices. Based on the revelations made by the inside sources of the company it has been revealed that read Apple didn’t want Microsoft to release the app on apple products or something like that. But they found a workaround. They said, on your iPhone you need the Safari browser, go to:, log in and connect your controller via Bluetooth.

    Xbox Cloud Gaming Game Pass

    They recommend saving the page to your favorite to make it easier to access. Earlier the cloud gaming services of Xbox were launched for android based devices. Now the tech company has introduced this service for iOS users. The basic difference between android and iOS users in Xbox cloud gaming is, iOS users won’t have to download any particular to play cloud-based Xbox games. The subscribers who have already availed of Xbox Game Pass can simply access cloud gaming via their iOS device browser. Users will need to go to via their browser and navigate through a multitude of games available on the website. Users can select any game from the available option on the website and play it with the help of their internet connection.

    Users will also have the option to choose the mode of play either with the help of a controller or touch-based play. In a further announcement, a spokesperson of Microsoft has said that the data centers are in the process of up-gradation for the ultimate gaming experience. The upgrade process is going on with “custom Xbox Series X hardware”. Vice president of the Xbox cloud gaming services “Catherine Gluckstein” stated that the up-gradation of the services will provide “faster load times, improved frame rates, and an experience of a new generation of gaming.” Users will be able to stream games at 1080p up to 60 frames per second. However, for the time being, the cloud will make the Xbox One the most powerful platform for online gamers.

    Xbox Cloud Gaming On PC and Mobile

    It has the potential to be, but because it requires an internet connection, and because an always-online requirement has a tendency to be a bit of a stigma, it’s unlikely that developers will utilize in anything but multiplayer-only games and multiplayer modes of single-player games (like the upcoming Crackdown). Furthermore, because the PS4 doesn’t offer cloud computing as an option, and because most multiplatform games are built on PS4/PC and ported to XOne, it’s unlikely that any multiplatform games will take advantage of the XOne’s cloud computing. The tech giant Microsoft seems to be concentrated to furnish Cloud gaming. The focus of Microsoft towards cloud gaming will pave the way for the future of the gaming industry. With the availability of Xbox Game pass ultimate, even a user who can’t afford an expensive console can play games on almost any device.

    Those users who don’t have a PC with high-end hardware or any gaming console will have the accessibility to try any Xbox games on their device. Microsoft has pointed its concentration mainly on Cloud-native gaming. Some of the prior games which have been played by most of the users on Xbox Cloud gaming are Portal and Left 4 Dead. If you’re talking about hosting a game on a super-powerful PC, and remotely controlling the game over the cloud, this very highly depends on your network setting. Over WiFi, this will never work. WIFI is too unstable and too slow of a connection to provide a stable gaming experience. There will be significant input lag and framerate issues. Even then, the video and audio will have to be compressed to even make it to the guest machine in time for a good framerate. If you’re on an Ethernet port, it’s another story.

    Project Xbox Cloud Gaming

    Ethernet is one of the fastest uplinks to the Internet. If both machines are hooked via Ethernet, the experience should become much smoother. However, cloud gaming is in just the conception and it will take time to be adopted by the users. The Stadia announcement by Google would push Microsoft into a corner. Microsoft will be forced to make its cloud gaming service merge ALL ecosystems. But there will be certain obstacles in the way of Microsoft to render its cloud gaming services. The incompatibility of Apple and Microsoft is on such prior reason. Apple has restricted Microsoft from breaking into apple’s devices. That’s why the cloud-based gaming services are available via the browser on apple devices while there is a separate app for cloud gaming for android users.

    Microsoft further stated that the stern behavior of apple will be inauspicious for iOS users because iOS device users won’t be able to avail themselves of certain benefits like Android users in the long run. The App store rules of Apple are really strict and unconventional. Microsoft has approached Apple to offer app-based cloud gaming services but owing to the rules and regulations of the app store of apple. The offer made by Microsoft for the app wasn’t up to the mark. To cope with the app store rules, Microsoft had no option but to provide its cloud gaming services to iOS users via web browsers of iOS devices. The Xbox One cloud gaming services allow you to remotely play a game running on the XB1, and play it on a Windows 10 PC or iOS-based device. Many people thought at first this was a bad idea; there’s absolutely no way one could play smoothly over the internet.

    Xbox Cloud Gaming Android

    This depends on how new you are to Xbox; Not necessarily when it comes to how long you’ve been playing, but how many digital titles you own. If you are pro gamers where you have been gaming for well over 10 years and added to your digital collection throughout the years, nearly most of your library should be made up of what is available with the game pass. Games consist of heavy graphics and instantaneous actions that require the game to give an immediate response, else the experience will be broken, for Cloud gaming to work, you will need consistent high connectivity and high processing machines at the server-side, so as you play you don’t feel that breaking in the game flow. As of now, none of the gaming cloud experiences are perfect. Xbox Cloud is doing pretty good while stadia seem to be failing on its ground and you won’t be amazed if google pretended it never existed within 6 months.

    The reality is game streaming = making money off of casual players. That person that may not be willing to buy an Xbox One might be willing to pay a fixed monthly subscription charge to play the Xbox exclusive games they read about online via their low-powered laptop or tablet. The prior fear of many analysts is that game streaming becomes the standard with consoles becoming nothing more than stream relays at best. Yes, it’s a worst-case scenario but does anyone think that companies like Sony and Microsoft are not, these Tech giants must have a viable plan for the future. Many people prefer offline gaming also, so cloud gaming falls back on that too. The concept of playing games anywhere on any device regardless of the specs is ambitious but it is possible, so google gave it a go too, what they failed to realize is that internet connection problems are very common and people generally don’t stick to their router when playing games. According to many gamers and analysts, Stadia is somewhat a failure. But you know, in the future when all the net problems start getting resolved, Stadia will rise in the gaming industry.

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