Xiaomi Mi MIX Series To Launch On March 29: Details Here

There is no other smartphone company in the world right now, which has progressed like Xiaomi. This particular smartphone brand has made a strong presence among smartphone users around the world. Xiaomi is a Beijing-based company that primarily manufactures smartphones. Although, now Xiaomi manufacture many other electronic gadgets and devices. Ranges from an earphone to laptops and TVs. In just after few years of its formation, the company Xiaomi has transposed from a start-up to the most prominent smartphone brand in the world. The true success story behind the rapid growth of Xiaomi is its futuristic thinking and investment in development, and now it is one of those smartphones making companies that comes in comparison to Apple. The diverse variety in the manufacturing unit of Xiaomi is the real reason for its instant growth and be on the list of most selling smartphones in the world.

The idea in which many big smartphone manufacturing companies lack was adopted and applied by Xiaomi. Xiaomi smartphones and its electronic products cover both the low-end as well as the high-end of the market, which means Xiaomi smartphones and its devices are in the reach of a poor as well as a rich at the same time, this smartphone brand manufacture smartphones for all class of people. Xiaomi made its way to the smartphone market by manufacturing its first smartphone, was Mi1, which was released in 2011 and runs on one of the versions of Google’s Android referred to as MIUI, by providing MIUI in its smartphone Xiaomi made a bold move in the smartphone market where a smartphone brand doesn’t need to be completely dependent on an Android OS manufacturing company. MIUI kept many customers rebuy Xiaomi devices because of its frequent updates and support.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Series

After that, there was no halt for Xiaomi, in just a few years Xiaomi’s variety of smartphones based on the MIUI and other technology-related products such as Smart TV, Smart Pedometer, Smart Blood Pressure Meter, Smart Action Camera but not limited to only that. Xiaomi still tries its hand in all the different sectors apart from its prior smartphone manufacturing unit. Xiaomi made its name around the world and become famous this particular brand was on a journey to make its brand name and brand value around the world. There was a time when Xiaomi just formed, the first smartphone unit sold by Xiaomi at the manufacturing cost they and at that time Xiaomi was completely dependent on social media to advertise its product because at the time of initiation of the Xiaomi didn’t much capital to advertise on Televisions or big platforms.

Even at the time of formation, Xiaomi manufactured smartphones and its products in parallel with the quality of other famous companies had to offer but the price was sometimes even 50% off, while the MIUI was very good and still gets very good reviews. MIUI kept many customers rebuy Xiaomi devices because of its frequent updates and support. So, Xiaomi became famous because of its decent price as compared to the other smartphones (value for money) and its brand which now consists of many different products. Xiaomi is quite famous for its futuristic smartphones and high-end specifications. As for now in India, Xiaomi’s popularity and market presence have throttled up to such a level, when we hear Xiaomi’s ringtone, we have to get sure and start Checking whether that our phone is ringing at someplace in our home or our pocket.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Series Launch

There is an interesting story behind the Xiaomi Mix smartphones and quite informative too, Xiaomi mixed smartphone in the previous version was the first Android smartphone to be different from the conventional at the time 16:9 aspect ratio. At that time the Mi Mix comes with a 6.4-inch 17:9 LCD panel with minimal or no bezels, and it opened the door for modern super-tall displays which we use and see nowadays. And after a gap of almost two years, Xiaomi has been on the pace to come up with another MI Mix series, the Hype is real among the customers about these ravishing smartphone series. Two years back Xiaomi smartphone brand has introduced Mi Mix Alpha – a futuristic smartphone with a wrap-around display and future edge technology, so we all can expect that the new MI Mix series will surpass the technological advancements and Build the design of contemporary flagship and premium range of smartphones.

It is one of those smartphone brands which had introduced a bezel-less screen, a full display view smartphone was the first manufactured by Xiaomi. Xiaomi Mi mix smartphone series is one of the most advanced and futuristic smartphone series in the world, Xiaomi always excited and shocked people around the world with its innovative and Mix series, these include bezel-less screen, dual-screen, display on the edges, and many more. In the recent development in the smartphone business, Xiaomi is expected to launch its Mi Mix series in China on March 29. From the authorities of Xiaomi, it has been confirmed that the MI Mix will be launched at the online official portal of Xiaomi on March 29. For the time being there is no detail or specifications available about the Mi Mix series because the company hasn’t revealed anything except the release date on a teaser poster on its official website and social media handles.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Series Phones

There are a lot of speculations and assumptions in the market about the smartphone but from a strong source, it has been known that the new Xiaomi Mi Mix series will have a completely new design and interface. This particular news is enough to excite the fans of Xiaomi’s smartphones. There is some more news from the company that, Xiaomi will be launching Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra smartphones at the same event where Xiaomi Mi Mix series will launch, the company has also announced that it will launch a Mi Notebook Pro laptop and a Washing machine (a new MIJIA washing machine). According to the sources, the Mi Mix could be the company’s first foldable smartphone. There was already a rumour that Xiaomi has conceivably been working on a foldable smartphone for a long time and so there is no denying the fact that Mi Mix could be that foldable smartphone.

The Mi Mix smartphone has already passed the 3C certification. so, we can expect that the design and build of the structure of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will be similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. This information is based on the sources from inside Xiaomi’s company, which may vary after the real revelation of the Mi Mix series smartphones. If Xiaomi launches a foldable smartphone in the form of Mi MIX at the date of its launch (on 29th March), then Xiaomi will be among the very few brands that have manufactured a foldable smartphone for its users. As for now, only a few companies have launched foldable smartphones, these are Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola. As far as we know about the hardware components and specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Mix series, the Mi Mix may come with a 7-inch display with a high refresh rate of approx. 120Hz or more.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Series Devices

The chipset of the Mi Mix could be the flagship processor, most probably Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 coupled with up to 12GB of RAM. This Chipset is most preferred in high-end smartphones, and it is one of the latest, fastest, and most powerful smartphone processors in the world. The Mi Mix series will surely come with 5G connectivity options with dual SIM and Dual stand by. In terms of optics, the sources have revealed that the Mi Mix will have a triple camera setup on the rear with 108-megapixel as the primary sensor, this high sensor camera is available in only a few devices of some particular brands and Xiaomi has already released two smartphones with 108MP camera, so we can expect that Xiaomi Mi mix will also have a 108MP camera sensor. The Mi Mix could be powered by a massive 5,000mAh battery with support for fast charging tech to charge the phone in few minutes.

As the information and news regarding the Xiaomi Mi Mix series are still not hundred percent true because this information has been obtained from the sources and other platforms, there may be chances that the information varies from what we are expecting snow, so all we can do is to hope for something good on the launching day of Xiaomi MI Mix series. That’s all the information available about the “Xiaomi Mi MIX Series” as for now if you want more updates and information about the new “Xiaomi Mi MIX Series” and other tech-related updates then you must stay connected with our website. This is a piece of whole information available in the market about these smartphones now. All the further and latest details about the “Xiaomi Mi MIX Series” will be updated as soon as we get any other information. For regular updates and more information, kindly stay connected with our site.

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