Xiaomi Mi TV Horizon Launching In India On September 7, 2020

Xiaomi is on a run as a selection of crazy devices have been introduced recently from their side. Now, a smart TV named Mi TV Horizon Version is going to launch soon in the Indian market for the first time. Last year, some new TV models were also launched like Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4X 43, and 65-inch 4K HDR TV. After capturing the Indian smartphone market, Xiaomi is trying really hard to make its grip on the smart TVs market too.

If you are a fan of premium segment TV devices, then you might be interested in this TV too. All of the TV sets from Xiaomi are very-well priced considering the market of India and this could be another revolutionary product from Xiaomi if we consider the pricing and features it has to offer.

On Xiaomi India’s website, a dedicated web page is able to give us a preview of the Mi TV Horizon set. According to the official sources, this TV will be running on Android OS and it is further loaded with Patchwall OS from Xiaomi itself. Mi TV Horizon has also got a QuickWake feature as it is confirmed by the official sources, but the use of this feature is still not confirmed. This TV set has got a bezel-less design according to Xiaomi India’s tweet that was posted on 24 August. The official release date of Mi TV Horizon in India is 7 September 2020.

Xiaomi’s newly released Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition, has also got slim bezels, and that is what can be seen in the ‘Horizon Model’ TV too. Tech gurus are assuming that this Mi TV Horizon Edition may have a similar design like the Mi Notebook 14 based on the branding, the teaser image, and sleek design all over.

Though the Xiaomi has not yet shared any details regarding the actual display size or overall size of the TV along with the pricing. We might have to wait a little more to get more details about this amazing TV, so stay tuned with us to get more updates about Xiaomi Horizon TV.

If you want to get detailed updates about this TV then you can head over to the official Xiaomi Horizon Edition TV page on the Xiaomi website and click on the Notify Me to get a notification when the TV is available for purchase –

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