Xiaomi Is Now World’s No. 2 Smartphone Maker; Overtaking Apple

9:41 am. The time where the world got introduced to something that would completely revolutionize the smartphone industry. The time when the then CEO of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs launched the first Apple product and the time when the world was yet again amazed by the development in the technological sector. To this day, starting off from a garage and a small company to becoming one of the world’s greatest smartphone industries has to be one of the greatest success stories in the history of silicon valley. To get toppled by some random company that was so insignificant in the eyes of Apple before is something that has baffled the tech experts today.

Speaking of topping up and levelling from ground bottom to the second-highest smartphone company in the world, the company that has made headlines defeating Apple, the Chinese company which had been mocked at so many times as being fake and not worthy at all to be even considered in the smartphone company, Xiaomi has another success story which wasn’t heard until now. Reports from our sources come in where they have documented proof that the Chinese company which has its headquarters in Beijing, has now become the second-highest smartphone company in the world. As for the top of the list, let’s not even consider for one moment that the spot that the top smartphone company has in the world would ever be taken by anyone because the top company is not only a brand but an entire world in itself.

Xiaomi World's No. 2 Smartphone Maker

The South Korean company, Samsung is by far the top smartphone producing company in the entire world. It was said that no one can match the speed of development and the manufacturing power of Samsung and that Samsung has the best service ever available. But recently, as the rise of Xiaomi happens, something tells us that this company would also be toppled someday by the aspiring Chinese giant. While we now know the three major companies in the market, let’s talk about the Beijing giant which is ruling the headlines today. It isn’t just about the company’s sales or profits, it is about anything and everything about the company has risen to great heights. The jump in the sales isn’t something to be overlooked either. The company is said to have one of the highest jumps in shipments, ever to be made in the history of silicon valley.

The jump is said to be about 86% which is a phenomenal rate because shipments usually rise around 10 to 30 per cent. To say that Xiaomi has outgrown itself would be an understatement. Not only that, the company now has the second-highest number of phones being sold under its name. That means the company has already toppled the iPhone in its sales. This is an astounding growth because the company has always been mocked. As far as the numbers go, our reports have confirmed that the numbers are actually true as the preliminary reports of the tech analysis done by Canalys reports say the same thing. Now the company doesn’t just sell phones or tablets, it has its roots in multiple industries starting from smartphones which are the foundation of the company to other devices which work on the same UI.

Xiaomi vs Apple Smartphone Maker

Here we can find tablets of MIUI which are considered to be one of the best as it mimics Apple when it comes to usability. But now to say this would be an understatement because now it would be said that Apple products mimic MI tech. After all, the company has shoved Apple away from its position. Apart from tablets, you can also find a variety of laptops which the Chinese company sells which are also one of the biggest markets for the company. The company not only has its search engine but also a simple messaging app that was launched to beat local apps in China. Mi Talk also has some of the coolest features that you can find in a messaging app. The company also sells a cloud service which is a pretty good storage option if you consider other options like Google. These products are being sold like hot dogs because the company has a name of its own in China.

Of course, you need to have your own TV and your own box because what else is remaining? The company does have its own TV which is called the MiTV which runs on Android TV and has some pretty good features as well. The Mi box which could be considered as an amazing product as well offers many exceptional services that can be done with the help of the TV. Apart from the technical gadgets the company also has many smartwatches and smart bands that are very helpful in day to day life. The Fitbit is a smartwatch that has a tracking feature that is said to be very famous. The company also sells a variety of different products such as an electric scooter, a rice cooker, different smart home products, earphones, earpods and various other things.

Xiaomi Total Smartphone Shipment

We can also find drones as well which are used for photographers and many other people that need to check the location of a particular place or take stunning photos or videos with the same. Thus, the company has its roots everywhere in the tech industry and it is not a simple surprise that it has taken over Apple. Actually, this is the very first time that a company of such calibre has taken over the big two. Samsung and Apple ruled silicon valley since day 1 and they were set to have an impregnable fortress of success around them that could never be broken. But Xiaomi actually did break it, pushing Apple far back in terms of percentage. It is even being said, as our sources have informed us that the position of Samsung at the top would be in danger because the company is still going on and would soon cross the top mark.

Regarding marks, the South Korean giant sits at the top position having a percentage of sales of 19 per cent in the entire world which is far greater than anyone could ever reach. The then second-highest Californian company would have a fair share of 14 percent of sales in the entire world. Xiaomi at one time had a sale of 4-5 per cent and it rose to 11 per cent a few years ago. Today, the company has created headlines and shock ripples in silicon valley by amassing a total of 17 per cent in the sales department. As no one talks about the third man on the moon or the third person to reach space or the third person to ever do something significant, the third company was actually Huawei Technologies Inc. who got disrupted from the listing because of its withdrawal from the competition.

Xiaomi Smartphone Shipments

It turns out the company has something going on from the inside which is damaging the company’s image as well as its position in the ranking. The sanctions imposed on the company from organizations and the government practically chipped off the supplies of various materials to the company. Now the company had to stop and withdraw itself till it becomes strong enough again. Seeing this wonderful opportunity, Xiaomi leapt up and started to amass hardware and everything to its warehouses and the money which flowed in to make it to the top was coming endlessly. This made the company grow and release updates and upgrade its own software and prepare for better phones. This is why the company had such a growth spurt in such a short amount of time.

Thus, the company not only shot up in the ranks of selling, shipment and Marketing but also made its way into the top two. Likewise, it has been said that other Chinese companies such as Oppo and Vivo would also soon follow in the lead. China is already dominating the technology market and is said to be leading all the other countries when it comes to technology. The companies such as Oppo and Vivo are already fighting off to be in the top leaders in the country. Its geographical sister, India is also said to be the hub of Xiaomi where it is commonly known as MI and this is where it has amassed its huge followers. The Xiaomi breakthrough is said to be one of the most appreciated of all because it was said that there won’t be any company till 2050 that could beat the two giants.

Xiaomi Overtakes Apple

One more thing, the Xiaomi shares have also increased so much that there is a 4.1 per cent jump in the shares that has to lead to people buying Mi stocks in large quantities. Although most Chinese companies rarely venture out of the country due to the various restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, the expansion of the company going overseas was the turning point in the growth curve of the company. Finally, let us end on the thought that the two giants have been quiet but not stagnant. They have been working on the biggest launch which will happen late in the year. Maybe then we would finally see some drama as the fight for the top three positions begins again.

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